Technically, The Rangers Can Get Nash And Be Safe Under The Cap.

I am not advocating for Nash at all again. The more and more I think about it though the more I can see the Rangers get out alive in the deal.

This is the deal I base it on:

Dubinsky, Sauer, 1st rounder. You can throw Kreider or any other prospect in there but it doesn't really matter. It's not really relevant for this post what the deal is as long as Dubinsky and Sauer are gone.

Next Years Cap Room- Getting rid of Dubinsky, Sauer, Wolski, Rupp (Trade Rupp or demote him), and Fedotenko would give the Rangers $12,150,000 relief in cap. Not to mention Drury's buyout cap hit is only $1,666,667. Obviously, Nash will take a huge chunk of that $7.8 million, but you can still have enough money to re-sign MDZ, Prust, Mitchell, and maybe keep Stralman on board another year, or Eminger. Hopefully Erixon and or Mcilrath can take their places. It's obviously not pretty but it can work cap wise. Rangers would also have to sign cheap forwards during free agency or call up some cheap guys in Hartford.

2 Years from Now- This is where it gets dicey. You have Hagelin, Anisimov, Stepan, Mcdonagh all due for their second contracts except Anisimov. Hagelin and Stepan will probably end up getting a million more dollars each, maybe less for Hagelin. Mcdonagh and Anisimov meanwhile, will be seeing more money. Maybe Mcdonagh ends up with a $2.5 million dollar deal for a couple years, and Anisimov if his production keeps up ends up at $3 million.

Probably at this time the Rangers end up trading a forward and a defenseman. The forward could be either Boyle or Anisimov, while the defenseman will have to be one of our bigger cap hits in Girardi or Staal.

3 years from now- The Rangers could have 3 pending ufa's in Lundqvist, Gabby, and Girardi (If he wasn't traded already). Lundqvist and Gabby will have to be forced to take a much more cap friendly contract. Henrik is looking for his retirement contract which should Have around $5 million dollars until he's like 37 or something like that. Gaborik on the other hand can definitely fetch some more money as a free agent. If he wants to stay a Ranger he'll probably have to take below market price. Girardi meanwhile gets a nice contract around $5 million. Hopefully at this time the Rangers can afford to let Girardi and Gaborik walk if they choose to because they will have some players waiting to break onto the Rangers.

Ok this is where I stop. Looking into the future is hard enough but 4 years down the line there are too many variables involved. Basically the Rangers can afford to get Rick Nash it will just be very unpleasant cap wise.

If Rick Nash can be a 70-80 point player on the Rangers (which isn't too unrealistic) and Richards performs to similar numbers as well the Rangers can be ok. If they don't however, well, they're simply screwed to put it into nice terms.

It's not perfect, but if the Rangers do end up trading for Nash which is scarily likely, they can make it work. If Sather and gang continue to draft well the Rangers can end up in good shape.

I'm still praying the Rangers don't get Nash.

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