Wolski's Value and possible trading partners

So with Erik "Mr. Invisible" Christensen being traded to what we figure is to some clear some cap space, were all wondering whats next?

The most likely scenario is that there is another move on the way at the deadline. The Rangers are suited up perfectly for defense and most reports say that Sather is in the market for 2nd/3rd line winger to add some more depth and grit for the playoff run.

Now with the way most players has bought into Torts' grinding ways and the chemistry this team has made since July it makes you wonder what do we really have for trading assets. Of course we have draft picks which is what most teams resort to when making a run but we may have something else teams are interested in.

Wojtek Wolski.

This is a player that fans always like to watch when he's on his game, but a player fans often see disappear at times. He was a PPG in 18 games in Phoenix after being traded from the Avalanche. Then after recording 16 points in 36 games he was traded to the Rangers. Most of us expected to see the Polish prince to do well with Gaborik on the Broadway stage but much like Zherdev, Wolski has disappeared in a hard working, tough, gritty hockey system.

Having a sports hernia injury/surgery has sidelined him most of the season and he has not fought his way into a roster spot, having only 3 points in 9 games.

The Rangers decided to send Wolski down to the Whale to give him some ice time and show the league his talents and so far he has a goal in two games.

This guy has flashes of brilliance and potential in the right system. I have a feeling Sather has something in store for us. The three players I realistically see us getting are Ruutu, Penner and Prospal. All three are UFA's at the end of the year and give us the depth were seeking for.

With the potential he has, and the shootout value he has I would say Wolski is worth as much as a third round pick.

My guesses are

Columbus is looking for a young prospect or draft pick

LA is looking for some scoring (any scoring really), so the swap of Penner for Wolski could benefit both teams.

Carolina is looking for draft picks and scoring, Ruutu has potential to be a 50 point player consistently and can play two way hockey so has more value then Wolski. So why not offer Wolski and a 4th for Ruutu? Of course the Leafs and the Sens are in on Ruutu as well but its worth a try.

So what do you guys think, (and go easy on me its my first post on here).

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