Comparing The New York Rangers To The Mighty Ducks

Feb. 25, 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers right wing Ryan Callahan (24) receives the first star of the game award after the game against the Buffalo Sabres at Madison Square Garden. Rangers won in overtime, 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

My favorite series of movies is not Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or any of that type. It's the Mighty Ducks trilogy. Looking at this New York Rangers team, I see some similarities between the team and the Mighty Ducks. Let's take a look.

Gordon Bombay- John Tortorella- Like Bombay, Tortorella had to gain respect from his players, and demands the most every single game. Tortorella puts his team through tough practices, and wants his team to outwork the opposition every night.

Charlie Conway- Ryan Callahan- The easiest comparison of them all. The captains of their respective teams, Conway and Callahan are American born all around players that lead their teams, despite not necessarily being the "best" players on their teams. When looking for motivation, the teams turn to these players.

Adam Banks- Marian Gaborik- Tough call between Gaborik and Richards here, but Gaborik is the main talent on the team, that came from another team. Gaborik's five goal game vs. Henrik Lundqvist caused some friendly bickering, like Banks' rivalry with the Ducks. Both Banks and Gaborik joined the good side and helped their teams to wins.

Guy Germaine- Derek Stepan- Despite his lack of time with the team, Stepan fits the Germaine mold the best way. Filled with tons of talent, the American born skater helps the Rangers score without getting tons of fanfare.

Dave Averman- Brandon Dubinsky- Can contribute on the ice, but has trouble with enforcers and trying to fit in. Along for the entire ride of the recent years, but inconsistent.

Dean Portman and Fulton Reed- Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust- Although Boyle rarely fights, he does rough up opponents on the glass, and has been with the team longer than someone like Stu Bickel. Brandon Prust fits perfectly for Fulton Reed, despite the lack of a slap shot. He will not back down from any opponent.

Luis Mendoza- Carl Hagelin- Fastest skater, almost to a fault. Easiest comparison possible!

Follow me after the jump for more!

I couldn't quite place Greg Goldberg, Connie Moreau, Ken Wu, among others.

The goal of this post is to spark some discussion about the style of the Rangers, and your favorite hockey movies.

Hope you enjoyed a little humor today!

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