Notes From The New York Rangers' Loss To The Boston Bruins

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 01: Brian Boyle #22 of the New York Rangers and Shawn Thornton #22 of the Boston Bruins are restrained by referees at Madison Square Garden on April 1, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

- OK, the New York Rangers didn't clinch the top seed in the East. The Pittsburgh Penguins didn't win either, so the Rangers are still in great shape to take the division.

- Losses like the one against the Boston Bruins happen. The Rangers came two posts and an unaware save from Tim Thomas from tying the game. Give Thomas a ton of credit though because he played a great game and made some huge saves. I guess the lights are only an issue when Timmy picks up the "L."

- Since we are giving credit, Marian Gaborik score his 40th goal last night in the first period. That makes it 40 or more goals in two of his three seasons with the Rangers. It is finishes like that goal that makes me wonder why he isn't a better shootout player. Quick feet, silky moves and a lethal finish. He locked into Thomas' five hole as soon as he got the puck and put it exactly where he needed to.

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- I thought Carl Hagelin had a good game. Even when he isn't scoring goals, the kid can absolutely fly. You can see opposing defenseman start leaning back when Hagelingrabs the puck in the defensive zone. They fear his speed, which they should, since it's one of the main reasons he has been so successful this year.

- So, how badly do you think Henrik Lundqvist wants that second goals back? He doesnt give up those kinds of goals very often, an it's unfortunate that it ended up being the game winner. Aside from that goal he had a great game. I wouldn't think too much into the goal, it happens.

- This is another prime example of where the Rangers might run into trouble in the playoffs. The offense simply can't go cold like that for long stretches. I also don't think mashing the lines midway through the game was a solid solution, and it obviously didn't work Sunday, but it has worked before.

- I loved Marc Staal's game Sunday night. I thought he was active in the offensive zone, physical when he needed to be and overall played a great game. The Rangers are going to need him to step up in the playoffs if they want a solid two defensive pairings to throw at opposing team's top two lines. As of right now, the Rangers have that going.

- My God, sometimes Brian Boyle can't buy a goal. He hit the crossbar on a pretty wide open shot that would have helped change the momentum of the game. Boyle still doesnt the little things right (which on his salary is acceptable), but I would have loved for him to pot that goal.

- So the Rangers need just a single point (or for the Penguins to lose a point) to clinch. On to the next.


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