How do we fix this guys? (and gals)

Its come to my attention just how wallet shriveling high the price of a single game ticket is at MSG. We are THE HIGHEST on average single game tickets then the entire NHL. The average Rangers single game ticket is $165, while the average Islander and Devil tickets are $30.When most people want to look to why tickets for their team are priced the way they are they look at 3 things.

1. The Team

2. The Venue

3. The Owner

I'm going to break these down and analyze each of them.

(The Team)

I'm going to be straight up here. Growing up in a pre-lockout world, too young to see the cup, the Rangers have sucked. And i mean SUCKED! They consistently had a payroll that George Steinbrenner would be proud of, lacking only the performance of the superstars they signed. Now this may be a reason why tickets were so high in 2002, but not now. The team is now under a hard cap. Much of this team today is young and still on ELC's. So that cant be it.

(The Venue)

MSG. It's always going to be expensive here. Everything you do, it will cost money. Those analyzing the reasons for the ticket prices could easily dismiss it on this reason: "Well its the Garden, its always going to be pricey". But honestly, im not satisfied with that cheesy explanation. Tickets haven't been this out of control for very long. Want proof? February 19, 1999. My first hockey game. Rangers vs Penguins. My seat? $45 (blue seats). The same seat 13 years later? $104. So that can't be the answer either.

(The Owner)

Jimmy Dolan. I'm thinkin' right off the bat its him. From my understanding he owns not only the Rangers, but also the Knicks, MSG Networks, and MSG itself. Thats some serious money. Now MSG Networks has bought the rights to monopolisticly air the Devils and Islanders as well. Thats more money. I have a very little understanding of sports business so ill try to sound somewhat intelligent on the matter, please correct me if i am wrong.

The way i see it, he spends all this money so his company (MSG) can be the only game in town for arena sports (aside from the Nets on the YES network). So he takes out all competition network wise. Then he purchases the two main teams who play there so you don't get a conflict of interest. The you charge the hell out of the fans to make up for the money you spent, and because you know they have no other choice. As Dolan's empire grows larger, he will only charge more.

So lets say hypothetically that Rangers fans got together and wanted to stop this. How would we lower these ticket prices. I don't want to live in a world were i can't take my future children to a Rangers game like my dad did with me, just because each ticket is $300 a pop. I'd really like to hear your input. And like i said i don't know much about the business world of sports and mostly talking out of my ass about things i have heard, so feel free to correct me if i said something that wasn't accurate.

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