Most (fill in the blank) Ranger

I realize i've been posting a lot lately. Im bored, hockey deprived, school sucks, get over it.

Again, this post is just to hear your opinions because im a writing major with nothing better to do. So im going to name a category/role in hockey and ill tell you who i think best fits it. Then you tell me whether you agree or not. Lets get started:

1) Finesse. Most people would give this to Marian Gaborik without a moments thought. I like to think of those people as wrong. In my eyes, when it comes down to sheer skill, its either Carl Hagelin or Brad Richards. I think Hags is a bit more Finesse-y though. When Gabby stops getting stripped of the puck every 5seconds, we'll talk.

Winner: Carl Hagelin

(I am not counting Kreider because he did not play more than 20 games)

2) Grit. Now this one is tough because this whole team is nothing but grit. In my eyes it came down to Brian Boyle and Ryan Callahan. And as hard working as Cally is, Boyle is fearless and has a much greater lack of skills that he must make up for.

Winner: Brian Boyle

3) Forechecking. Cally.

Winner: Ryan Callahan

4) Backchecking. Cally

Winner: Ryan Callahan

5) Speed. If your not counting Kreider it's hard not to say Hags.

Winner: Carl Hagelin

6) "Offensive" Defenseman. This really came down to Ryan Mcdonagh and Anton Stralman. McD was our best end to end Dman (something MDZ was supposed to pick up), while Stralzy was our best shooter and producer.

Winner: Anton Stralman

7) "Defensive" Defenseman. We have four to choose from. Marc Staal, Dan Girardi, Ryan Mcdonagh, and Michael Sauer. All are great, you cant go wrong with any. But from what i've seen when he was playing, Sauer was LOCK DOWN. He was our "Stay at home", "crease clearing", "knock em on their ass" Dman. We miss you everyday your gone Sweet.

Winner: Michael Sauer

8) "Defensive" Forward. Another tough one, this team is full of them. But i'll narrow it down to Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. Their both just as good at it as the other, so ill look to their work on the PK. Even though Cally is the better skater and shot blocker, i'd still trust Dubi more in our end.

Winner: Brandon Dubinsky

9) Power Forward. Either Brad Richards or Marian Gaborik. For me its Richie, everytime he touches the puck in the offensive zone people freak. And for good reason.

Winner: Brad Richards

10) Goaltender. Why did i even put this.

Answer: The King

11)Fighter. Because i ran out of category ideas. Prust keeps getting his ass kicked this year and Rupp is old, so ill say Boyler.

Winner: Brian Boyle

12) Shot Blocker. Cally. 10+ blocks on average speaks for itself.

Winner: Ryan Callahan.

Now a lot of people are going to accuse me of being a Gaborik hater. Couldn't be farther from the truth. I even own a jersey for christ sake. I just dont like his inconsistencies and on and off play. Even with 41goals, his streakiness and ability to disappear in the playoffs lead me to think he cant be considered the best anything.

Well guys those were my useless opinions. Agree? Disagree?

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