If I were GM...

Great year for our boys. Amazing roller coaster ride that had gave us highs that no drug, woman, or amount of money could have equaled. Now, we're all comforting the heartbreak of an ECF loss with the notion that our team is young and only improving from here on. The problem is that other powerhouses are ALSO improving.


The Bruins will regain their hunger for another cup.

The rebuilding Flyers will only be better with their young and maturing talent. If the Universe gets himself together and Pronger can be healthy this team is scary. Don't expect the 8 game winning against these guys to continue.

The Penguins will arguably have the 2 best players in the world healthy. Not to mention they've owned us recently.

If I'm Glen Sather, I'm looking around the conference and realizing that my team can not stand pat. So, with the cap space we have and the trading pieces we can spare, it is critical that we upgrade.

Mission: Acquire size and scoring. We're small. Lets change that.

Trade for Rick Nash. He's big, fast and can score. The best part? He's NOT Russian and still hasn't won a cup.

To make this realistic, lets assume it takes Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon, Thomas and a 1st Rnd Pick. Fine. If they want Stepan, Erixon stays.


Resign: Prust: He's cheap, he cares, he defends, he fights, he stays.

Resign Del Zotto: Kid's got a tough attitude, offensive potential and he's really F'n young.

Resign Feds: One year deal. J.T. Miller is his replacement after next year.

Let Go: Mitchell. Wasn't horrible. But bye.

Open Spots: We need 2 defenders and 1 Forward.


Who I like: Doan, Penner, Stoll, Suter, Gill, Sarich, Parise, Salvador

Doan: Probably going to end his career in Phoenix.

Penner/Stoll: Loved these guys until they won a cup. Hunger won't be there.

Parise: No way? Thats enough for me to forget him.

Suter: If you want to play in New York we'll give you 5 mill a year.

Salvador: He'll probably stay in Newark.

Sarich: I like him. But we need a defender who'll sign a short-term contract and Calgary will probably give him a longer term deal.

Gill: Old and injury prone but his size and veteran status earns him 2 million a year here.

Knuble: I love his size, grit and veteran presence.


Suter, Gill, Knuble

Fantasy Lines











The next year there will be 6.2 million dollars of free cap space based on the 70 million dollar limit in place currently. Taking the a new CBA into account, our cap space will be enough to resign McD, Stepan and Hagelin for 2013-2014. Then, enough to resign Kreider the next season as Gaborik's 7.5 hit will go away unless we're stupid enough to give him that kind of money again.

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