If I Woke Up Glen Sather Today

If I woke up Glen Sather today. I'm looking back at the New York Rangers season and how incredible it was but how we didn't get to the ultimate goal. Bringing in Rick Nash is a slap in the face to the Ranger team, it would cost too much, possibly cause salary problems in the future and just isn't the right move at the very moment after coming off a strong successful season. Lets not get greedy.

Rangers have plenty of cash to spend 21,116,667M in cap space.

First, I'm looking at the Ducks or to free agency.

Ducks have Bobby Ryan and possibly Ryan Getzlaf available. If Getzlaf is available, I'd swing for him.

My offer to the ducks would be
to NY Rangers: Ryan Getzlaf
To Anaheim: Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon, Jt Miller, and the 28th pick.

if not getzlaf , same offer for Bobby Ryan just take out JT Miller.

if both rejected I bounce and look straight to free agency and not through trades.

I would NOT deal Del Zotto this summer. I'd actually put him as an untouchable.

I'm hearing his name and it's just not a good idea as our D depth is weak actually if he moves and plus he's coming up his best season.

Smart forward options would be Kristian Huselius who can easily put up numbers when healthy and could come cheap for a short term deal this off season. Another option is bring in Swede (former Ranger) Mikael Samuelsson for a short term deal. Another obvious option would be Jaromir Jagr who had plenty of success in New York and I'm sure he'd be willing to come back. All three of these players have a talent to put the puck in the net, create offense, which is clearly what the Rangers are lacking. They're not lackign depth, just some creativity and snipers.

Semin is also out there but I'd prefer to avoid him.

Parise is out of the question considering it sounds like he won't want to sign here.

So now I woke up Sather and what do I do??

a lot of options, which is always a good thing...

I got Del Zotto, Fedotenko, Prust, Mitchell, Stralman, Biron, Eminger, Woywitka, and Bickel all waiting for contract offers.

The players that must come back out of that list is simply just Del Zotto. No one else is a clear must.

So first move I'd sign Del zotto 4 yrs/ 3.5M a season.

Next I'm imagining the Ducks reject the offer which is fine.

With the Del Zotto signing I'm now at 17,616,666M left in cap space without a back up goalie.

I bring back Biron for 2 yrs/1.5M a year.

Now I'm at 16,116,666M cap space left.

Rangers need some forwards.

I look straight to Kristian Huselius who would most likely take a 1 year deal for 2.5M after coming off injury seasons to play in New York.

13, 616,666M left.

Rangers need to sign one defenseman, someone they could trust.

I bring in 29 year old defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo who played under a similar team with the St. Louis Blues for 2.5M 2 yr deal.

Now 11,116,666M left.

Now I'm looking to resign some pieces.

I like Bickel as he can play 4th line or defense. 1 yr .800M. Big fan of Prust and would like to bring him back. 1.6M 3yrs.

What's left now is 8,716,666M.

With the new additions and resignings the team looks like.

Kreider- Richards- Gaborik
Huselius- Stepan- Callahan
Dubinsky- Anisimov-
Prust- Boyle- Hagelin
spares- Rupp

Staal- Girardi
McDonaugh- Colaiacovo
Del Zotto- Sauer (injured) or Bickel


So looking at this team, it's almost near complete. I would look towards Jaromir Jagr for a 1 yr 4m deal. Maybe it can help Dubinsky get energized for a bounce back season and would give us four pretty strong lines.

With the Jagr signing we're left with 4, 716, 666M left.

With having that money left I would bring back Anton Stralman 1yr/1.5M

3,216,666M left.

Last move I would finally bring back Fedotenko for 1.2M/1yr

2,016,666M left.

I wouldn't do any other moves, and leave that extra cash for any deals we may need to do during the season or trade deadline.

My 2012-2013 New York Rangers

Kreider- Richards- Gaborik
Huselius- Stepan- Callahan
Dubinsky- Anisimov- Jagr
Prust- Boyle- Hagelin
spares- Rupp, Fedotenko, Bickel

Staal- Girardi
McDonaugh- Colaiacovo
Del Zotto- Sauer (injured) or Bickel
spares- Erixon, Bickel, Stralman


your opinions?

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