If I Weren't A Ranger Fan, I Would Fear Them (Trade Talk, Nash)

It took a while for Sather to finally make the big splash he wanted to do this off season. I've written articles before on how I thought acquiring Rick Nash would be completely worth it in the end. I predicted it was going to take Dubinsky, Anisimov, Del Zotto, a 1st and one of their better prospects. To me if this happened it would have been still worth it more for both sides. For Sather to run away without dealing Michael Del Zotto or even Karl Hagelin; this deal is a runaway. When I found out the deal I was shocked and now even more excited for the NHL season to start. To see Rick Nash in Ranger blue playing with the players we have, I expect his number to jump to around 10-15 points better and could easily be a point per game player, if not more. He'll be our leader on the ice.

Join me after the jump for more.

The trade: talking money/cap wise, Rangers also stole this. Anisimov will earn to around 3.3 million after this season, and later on depending on Erixon's development Rangers could have saved to around 3 million bucks in cap space. Moving Dubinsky is moving an overpaid player, a good player, but somewhat overpaid, and Anisimov soon will probably end up being an overpaid player as well. This trade will help us sign restricted free agents rather than possibly losing one of our younger talents. Not only that, but we mainly got the best player in the deal, a player that now has a fresh start and for the 1st time in his career he is not only going to a team that should easily make the playoffs, but a team that is one of the few team in the league to be top Stanley Cup contender. Bringing in Rick Nash doesn't only now acquire our new best player, but as well I expect him to help many others on this team to improve their game and careers; especially the likes of Chris Kreider and Karl Hagelin. This will also help the Brad Richards signing as he now will have the type of winger he likes to play with this will improve his playmaking game, and it should also help Marion Gaborik get more open ice (space) which is where his game thrives. This will also help our powerplay immensely.

Sather has said he is still not done this off season and seems like he is trying to acquire one more impact player if it's going to be Shane Doan, Andrei Kosistyin, Alex Semin, Kristian Huselius, someone else, or a defenseman is yet to be known. But this team is missing one player. This Ranger team will have plenty of depth and plenty of star talent. This deep is extremely deep starting from our netminder, to our defense, to now our offense.

Kudos to Sather, for bringing in a team that should be strong for years to come. Still, the Stanley Cup is the hardest championship to win and it will be a war just like every other year in the playoffs.

Nash- Richards- Gaborik
Kreider- Stepan- Callahan
Free agent- Boyle- Hagelin
Pyatt- Halpern- Asham
spare: Rupp

Staal- Girardi
McDonaugh- Del Zotto
Sauer- Stralman
Spare: Bickel


As the title of my article says,
If I weren't a Ranger fan, I would fear them.

Mainly, being a Ranger fan, expectations are as high as they've ever been. I'm fully confident in this team.

This is the year to finally say even with the other elite teams in the league, it's finally the year to say and really fully mean it....

It's Lord Stanley or disappointment.

Every player on the team knows it, especially after last season.

If no lockout, look for a very exciting Ranger season.

Lets go Rangers, and no lockout!

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