Lockout Aftermath- What do you think would/should happen?

I am worried about another NHL Lockout. Who isn't?

The other day, my friend and I got into a convo about the possibilities of an NHL lockout. We focused more on the aftermath. We both felt that there will be a lot of changes both positively and negatively if there was some kind of work stoppage, whether it be for a month or a full season. The game of hockey is at a critical point where if another Lockout were to occur that its popularity will diminish drastically and destroy the game in the good old US of A.

I know everyone on Blue Shirt Banter has their own crazy ideas and thoughts on what will happen if such a travesty were to occur. That is why I created this blog for people to vent about the CBA Negotiations and discuss what will happen if a work stoppage were to occur. I haven't visited this site in a while and if someone has done something like this I apologize in advance. If there is a Lockout, what do you think will happen to the game of hockey in the USA and around the world?

Here is what I think will happen:

  • Player exodus into the KHL- players like Evgeni Malkin, Alex Ovechkin, and Ilya Kovalchuk will say F.U. to NHL and show off their talents in their motherland. This will lead to KHL league expansion.
  • Waste of talent- young kids will refuse to play in minors and would either leave for Europe or sit and watch negotiation process.
  • Bettiman will be fired!!!! Someone random will be new commissioner.
  • League will undergo drastic changes: NHL will undergo massive relocation, possible expansion to attract exiled players back to the NHL and European talent. Islanders, Devils, Stars, Panthers, Predators, and Coyotes will find new homes in either Milwaukee, Kansas City, Hamilton, Quebec City, Hartford, Saskatoon, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, or Indianapolis (cities that would love to have teams).
  • Changes in minor league system: AHL, ECHL, SPHL, and Central Hockey League will merge together to form two new leagues. American Hockey League (AAA) and International Hockey League (AA). Be the source of hockey entertainment in the US until Lockout ends. Rules regarding NHL-contracted players in minors will change. How? No clue.
  • League will devolve back to pre-2004 status, but pick up again and regain popularity.

What do you think would/should happen if the NHL Locks out again?
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