Rangers Vs. Flyers: .500 Is Good, Right?


Notes from the Rangers' win over the Flyers.

- You could see from the get-go that it was going to take a perfect shot to beat Henrik Lundqvist Saturday. And that's exactly what the New York Rangers handed Kimo Timmonen in the third period. Give him credit, though, it was a perfect shot. Aside from that? Lundqvist was a brick wall. Another brilliant game from him.

- Rick Nash is such a complete player it's shocking. He's so good in all three zones it really makes you shake your head. I thought he was pass-happy Tuesday, but my God every time he touches the puck something happens. Another awesome game from him.

- Michael Del Zotto had one of his best games as a Ranger. A goal, an assist and countless chances. That's the Del Zotto I think we will see every game very soon. A lot of you have been questioning what he brings to the table. Well, the Rangers need him and he was there Tuesday.

- The penalty kill left the middle of the ice wide open for the Flyer's first goal. They did it again at the end of the third. It was so bad Lundqvist was slamming his stick on the ice to tell Carl Hagelin to get into the middle. Not good, have to work on that.

- Aside from that? The penalty kill was great. The 5-on-3 kill was a momentum changer.

- Power play looked much better, no? Actually, the Rangers' puck movement as a unit was really good Saturday.

- Rangers created a ton of chances tonight. Only finished two. Some was good goaltending, some was bad luck and some was too much passing. Sometimes you just have to tee one up and let it rip.

- Brad Richards lost a ton of big faceoffs again. He needs to fix that. Overall he's been better. Still think he needs a few more games of competitive hockey to get back to the old Brad Richards.

- I thought Derek Stepan looked good again. A few of you asked me what I saw in him, Tuesday is a good example. Created chances, solid in his own end and good in transition. He'll bury those chances eventually. I'll say what I said in the comments yesterday, the Rangers love this kid, it's easy to see why, and he has a ton of potential. People demand home grown youth for years and then sour on two bright prospects. Sometimes I don't get it.

- 3-3 is a heck of a lot better than 1-5 right? Rangers found their game the past two games. A win over Pittsburgh would be huge too. But regardless of what happens in that game, the Rangers are starting to find themselves. They're starting to play their game. I still think they're a little sloppy, but it's only going to get better.

- Can't avoid the topic anymore: Ryan Callahan. My guess is he is going to be out some time. Hopefully not two months long, but it's certianly possible. Here's where depth is important. It also might force the Rangers' hand on a few moves. Here's to hoping he's OK.


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