The Two Sides of Rangers Fans

Today when I was reading the Rangers vs. Bruins recap, I noticed a lot of bickering between Banterers about the team's current situation. There was a lot of back and fourth going on between a few people about where this team really is and what needs to improve and so on. Some comments were very optimistic, or in the eyes of some ignorant. Some comments were intended to be the blatant truth, which some people thought were just pessimistic,

I saw a comment though that really got me thinking. The conversation was just about all the ruckus that had been going on in the thread. The comment that hit me was "It's a big disconnect between the younger fans who have had nothing but the Henrik era, and those who had the dark ages, and those who had the cup, then those who lived through whatever the fuck-ass-horror-show in the 70's and 80's were. I think most of the frustration is because we know, especially older fans who have seen lots of hockey, that this group for all its flaws, can and should be better" (Credit to Caerid11)

I agree with that statement 100%. So i thought about it for a while and this is what I came up with.


Side 1: The Longtimers

These guys have seen it all and have seen very little success in as long as they have been a fan of the Rangers. Throughout everything they have experienced, no matter how tough the times get, they will always stick with their team. They are hard nosed and stubborn, but they have learned from the team's mistakes in the past however many years (not that the organization has). When they point out a team's flaw, they know how to win because they have been watching hockey for such a long time and see what it takes from the other teams to get there. They may seem pessimistic at times, but that is for their own protection from being hurt by this team again. They have seen different management teams, all of which have "sucked"(including this one).

Side 2: The Newbies

These guys come off as very optimistic a lot because, they haven't seen the extreme badness that the Longtimers have seen. They usually have only been fans for 15 or less years. They have for the most part only seen the Hank era. They have a reason to be optimistic because it is New York, and they play at Madison Garden, and it really doesn't get much better than that. They have a rich owner who would open his checkbook to sign anyone who could really help the team. Even though they are newer to the Rangers than the Longtimers, they are still very passionate about thier team. They may be a little more hopeful and faithful in the team and the organization than the Longtimers, just because of what the Longtimers have gone through.

Where do I fit in you ask? Well, Im kinda in between. My parents (more so my dad than my mom, although my mom was a big fan back in the day) were big Rangers fans. They both met each other at a Rangers game in the 80's,(so when you think about it, the Rangers are the reason I am alive, which is pretty weird to think about). Both of them fit in to the Longtimers side. I started watching the Rangers with my dad the year after the lockout, and I have been a diehard fan ever since. Time wise, I may be in Side two, but I think living with my mom and dad (both Longtimers) I was raised to be wiser beyond my Rangers fan years.

When you get into the style of the two groups, I think I am more like the Longtimers. I come off as pessimistic some times, but hey, somebody has got to tell the truth. I can tell you right now, this team does not have all the pieces to be a Cup Contender. The team's management is pathetic. Dolan and Sather are the bane of my existence.

I can tell you this though; there is nothing in the entire world I would rather have/ or see then the Rangers lifting the Stanley Cup.

If I missed something, you have something to add to what I said, you disagree with what I said, or whatever it may be, feel free to share your opinions.

After all, the one thing both groups do have in common is the impulsive desire to scream,


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