A new job that I would never want

I have been a fan of the Rangers for about thirty years. I have never seen them live at the Garden, having seen my only regular season Rangers game at the old Chicago Stadium when I lived in Wisconsin. I got to see them live during the preseason in Las Vegas. I started following them when in high school, after my parents got cable tv and was exposed to the team playing on the MSG/USA network channel. They weren't on every night, but often enough that I came to appreciate Dugay, Beck, Beezer, Greschner, Nick Fotiu and Chris Kotsopoulos. I'm probably stirring memories (hopefully not nightmares) for Richter and Fitty and you other "experienced Rangers' fans." Anyhow, I joined the Banter this summer after lurking for quite a bit of last season, seeking to learn more about the game and my favorite team.

I signed on "the Banter" this morning to see what was new in the world of the Rangers. Was enjoying the read, but I guess things got out of hand regarding Russian players and the opinions of some regarding players from said country.

Unfortunately, the moderator got caught in the middle.

Personally, I don't think either poster (of the two major players) was offended about the posts of the other party. Some others obviously were offended. Unfortunately, one of the parties was offended that he was called out and subsequent posters were not called out (by moderators or other posters, I not sure). However, the end result was a person announcing he was done with "the Banter." It is unfortunate, because both parties involved in the "dust up" have good opinions, which as an admittedly "uneducated" hockey player (at least as to the nuances of the game), I value. Whether the poster stays away, or comes back (I hope they do), because I value their opinion. (Pronouns used because I don't feel appropriate to use names)

As a new poster (since summer) on this site, I have noticed a couple of things:

1.) People here have very strong feelings (about their favorites, least favorites (especially));

2.) Hard to point out positives to those with strong negative feelings;

3.) Seems that some will never be satisfied. Even if we won the Cup, some would complain because either the team wasn't kept together, or improvements weren't made (or add another reason here);

4.) Outside of the sarcasm font, it is hard to read the emotions, reactions of those reading your words;

5.) We are all humans. We all make mistakes, put our foot in our mouths sometimes and can only be perfect for short periods of time, rather than the long haul.

I appreciate those who answer my inquiries. I also appreciate those who post comments, either for or against my views. (I guess that is one of the ideas behind a blog)

Unfortunately, there are those who for whatever reason, make life difficult for the moderators. I appreciate all that "Digger," "Uncle Mod," Joe and the rest of those on the staff of BSB do to provide a forum for those who follow the Rangers. As part of my job, I teach academy classes for new corrections officers at the maximum security prison here in Nevada. I always tell them that I don't think I could do the job they do, which involves having to put up with a lot of grief from some people who think they are entitled to everything, including respect, without having to earn said respect, or treating others the way they want to be treated.

That being said, I now know after today that I could absolutely not do the job that the moderators on BSB do every day. The notion of herding cats comes to mind. (Or possible having hives with only two hooks to scratch yourself when issues arise)

I guess I wanted to say to the moderators, I appreciate all you do for us. Especially when you have to put up with us at our worst. I could sense the frustration the moderator on board was feeling and especially wanted to say, that I sensed your frustration, am sorry that you had to deal with the situation and appreciate all you (and the other moderators) do to make this a positive experience for all of us. To the rest of us, I think we need to not takes things so seriously and also think twice before we hit the button to post. I hope that this doesn't offend anyone. If it does, please forgive, I am just trying to ask all of us to be a little more humble and a little less "in your face."

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