Rangers Vs. Islanders: Notes From The Win

Al Bello

Notes from the big win.

- Where do I begin? Oh, right, J.T. Miller. The rookie scored two goals and was all over the ice in the win. He was smooth, made things happen, and most important he was calm. There's a serious poise he brings to the game, and he truly doesn't let mistakes rattle him. With the New York Rangers on the power play (and the game 2-1) Miller made a horrid defensive play, turned the puck over and gave the New York Islanders a short handed breakaway. Henrik Lundqvist made the save and I assumed John Tortorella was going to pull Miller off the ice. He didn't. Twenty seconds later? Miller made a brilliant read in the neutral zone, split the defense and scored on a breakaway of his own. He looks like a special kid.

- Major props to Tortorella for leaving him in the game, too.

- Speaking of Lundqvist, he was spectacular. He made three or four jaw-dropping saves and was brilliant when the Rangers needed him. This was a big game for him.

- I thought Marc Staal had a really, really good game. Forget the two assists, he was awesome out there. Great to see in Dan Girardi's absence.

- Chris Kreider looked really good, too. I thought he was involved, good on defense and even got an assist on Miller's first goal. Nice to see.

- Can I say something? If you're one of those people who yells "SHOOOT" every time the Rangers have the puck, I beg of you to stop. That or yell "shoooot the puck even though you might not have a lane or there might be a person in front of you -- but prepare for me to boo when your ill advised shot that I demanded you take gets blocked or misses the net and clears the zone." Thanks.

- Marian Gaborik looked good, as well. Had a few chances, potted a huge goal and made things happen. Good for Gabby.

- Brad Richards and Rich Nash looked off and on. Sometimes you noticed them and sometimes you didn't. You almost always notice Nash in the defensive zone.

- After that win I really don't see a way Brian Boyle gets back on the lineup on Saturday.

- The power play wasn't any better, but the penalty kill was spectacular.

- I love Ryan Callahan. Coming off an injury he's throwing his head in front of oncoming slap shots.


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