Rangers Vs. Sabres: Rick Nash Is Awesome Edition

Bruce Bennett

Notes from the Rangers' win over the Sabres.

- So, uh, Rick Nash. Wow. This guy literally does everything in every zone. His pass to Derek Stepan for the Rangers first goal of the game was brilliant and perfectly executed. His goal -- while not the prettiest snipe -- was the result of moving to open space and taking a good shot. His shootout move? Pretty and effective. Nash now has four points (two goals and two assists) in his last two games. The puck is starting to go into the back of the net for him, and that's music to Rangers fans ears right now.

- Speaking of Stepan, I don't care how "easy" of a goal it was, or how much net he had to work with. This is the second game in a row Stepan has moved himself into perfect scoring position and finished. Goals are goals, and right now Stepan is scoring them -- he's also doing smart things with the puck to help create chances. Like I said, he's been really good for the past few games, and he kept to that trend Sunday. Nice to see.

- I thought the power play looked much better for the Rangers last night, and I'm not even just talking about the two quick goals. The first couple of power plays kept the Sabres hemmed into their own zone and created chances. There was good movement, quick shots and people in front of the net. Maybe this will help the Rangers power play wake up.

- Henrik Lundqvist was really good. Nothing he could have done about the second Sabres' goal and the first one was a well-placed shot. Good to see the King shut the door in the shootout, too. He's starting to find his game as well.

- I though Marian Gaborik was good. A great assist on the Nash goal and made a couple of things happen. He's a little snakebitten too, I have a feeling when he pots his next goal they're going to start coming in bunches.

- Here's one of the things I love about Ryan Callahan, he knows how to adjust. Don't you think opposing teams are aware of his shootout move this year? The quick fake before he snipes the short side? Callahan gave the head fake last night, but instead of shooting top corner (which Ryan Miller was waiting for) he deked the puck around Miller and put it into the back of the net.

- This was a big game for the Rangers' confidence. Sure it took a dirty hit from a dirty player to get the Rangers jacked up enough to win the game, but they got the job done. That's big, don't underestimate how good that's going to feel today.

- Patrick Kaleta has always been a dirty player, and Sunday night was a prime example of him doing the things that he does. Thankfully Brad Richards wasn't seriously injured, because he could have been. I absolutely think he should be suspended. I don't know what will happen though.


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