Is It a Trip to Negativity Town? Or Just Reality?

There is no question that some of the "core" posters here have been frustrated by the hammering of this year's team. So much so that we have been "punished" by their periodic absences. It's their choice of course but I consider this site a brotherhood/sisterhood where we go through the ups and downs together, whether we agree with each other or not.

Some of us have a financial investment in this team as we buy the tickets to go see them play. All of us have an emotional investment in the team. Sometimes to the point of frustration and anger. And that is reflected in the posts on this site.

One Cup in 73 years. Total first round drafting ineptitude for close to 30 years. Those are facts boys and girls. And while we all have not been around for all those years, a good number of us have been around for a lot of them. Even the younger posters here have watched this team for at least 10-15 years. Which means they have not seen a Cup or at least be old enough to remember 1994.

I had been a fan 27 years before I saw my first and only Cup. After the final buzzer, my reaction was tears running down my face and complete RELIEF. No yelling, no screaming, but quiet relief. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I do not want that to be the only time I experience the winning of a Cup. I want for all of us to share a Cup together. SOON.

So when you have the window of opportunity to win then you grab it like the Rangers are trying to do. Do not kid yourselves, the window to win rides with the King's career. We have our Cup goalie. We may not have a Cup goalie after the King retires. The time to win is this year and next year, at the very least.

But here we are, struggling just to make the playoffs. And if we are honest with ourselves, do we really think we are watching a Cup contending team right now? Whether it's the players, the coaches, management, the new MSG acoustics, the star alignment, or whatever, this team has underachieved big time, even if they make the playoffs. It is not acceptable because the main reason for their struggles is the lack of urgency and effort.

I said over and over on the GDT in last night's game against the Flyers that I didn't like the way the team was playing. And I was told "it's early, relax." I have watched too many games boys and girls, and that game had all the markings of a loss early on. And for the fact that they could not tie the game at 2 confirmed it for me. But I kept it to myself and did not post that type of remark.

There was no urgency until the 3rd period. Why? They are playing for the playoffs and the Flyers are not. Yet it was the Flyers that tried to be more assertive. Again, why? The Rangers should have buried them. BURIED them. The PP is not NHL-like, it's not. And if you want to point to one reason why they lost last night then that's the reason. 0-5 and they never really threatened. Who's to blame? I won't say.

So yes, while there are fans who are over the top with their criticism, IMO, there is justification for frustration and disappointment. This team has underachieved. Big time. And we will lose yet another year of the King's career, the one person that gives us the best opportunity to share a Cup together. Thanks for reading.

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