What the New York Rangers Need To Do This Offseason

I have never posted on this website but here we go.

The New York Rangers are at a cross roads here. With the firing of Torts, the discontent of Hank, an anemic offense and power play, the Rangers are skating on very thin ice which can crack into an enormous missed opportunity. The Rangers are as close to contending for a cup that you can possibly get. They have the best goalie in the world, a bona fide superstar in Rick Nash, a young core that is developing, and a captain that is willing to do anything to win. I was a proponent of firing Torts. I think his style of play is extremelely outdated. I love my Rangers but sometimes it was an embarrassment to watch them play hockey. Look at how teams like the Blackhawks and Penguins play. They have an up tempo style that is hugely successful in this hockey day and age. The gritty, grind it out, defensive hockey will never win a Stanley Cup in this day and age of hockey.

With that being said the Rangers need to go out and hire a coach that will support the type of systems that are successful in the NHL. As I have said, we have the best goalie in the world, which is ideal in a more offensive style of play, because he can handle himself fine. I obviously have no say in what goes on in the front office but I put together a lineup that would contend for a Stanley Cup as soon as next year. This lineup can happen very easily and there are no excuse as to why to Sather and Gorton can not put a lineup like this together:

I will list the player and in parentheses the cap hit:

Nash ($7,800,000)/ Brassard ($3,200,000)/ Kreider ($637,500)

Hagelin ($3,000,000)/ Stepan ($3,500,000)/ Callahan ($4,275,000)

Zuccarello ($2,500,000)/ Weiss ($3,250,000)/ Miller ($525,000)

Stalberg (2,250,000)/ McDonald (($2,750,000)/ Dorsett ($1,633,333)

Pyatt ($1,550,000)

McDonagh ($4,000,000)/ Bogosian ($3,500,000)

Stall ($3,975,000)/ Girardi ($3,325,000)

Moore ($125,000)/ Stralman ($1,700,000)

Eminger ($750,000)

Lundqvist ($6,875,000) Biron ($1,300,000)

I calculated this lineup on The max cap is $64,300,000. With this lineup the Rangers be under the cap by close to $1,000,000 after bonuses. I addded in the amounts for Hags, Stepan, Zuccarello, Stephen Weiss, Victor Stalberg, Andy McDonald, McDonagh, and Zach Bogosian. Even if you think some players should get more, there would be $1,000,000 to work with.

The Rangers need to part ways with Del Zotto, Boyle, Richards, Clowe and Asham. These players add no value to the Rangers in their attempt to win the Cup. Del Zotto is a huge liability, Boyle is maddeningly inconsistent, Richards is over the hill with too large a contract, Clowe has concussion problems and is way over priced and Asham has no value.

With this team I put together, all 4 lines have scoring talent and very good offensive abilities. This 4 would match any other teams 4. Also, the defense would be hands down the best in the league. No team would be able to match that. All the players that would be added, Weiss, Stalberg, McDonald, and Bogosian all could be had. There is no reason the Rangers would not be able to get them. The Rangers need to buyout Richards and then trade Del Zotto, Boyle and Asham for either AHL talent to home grow players or draft picks. The Rangers have excellent talent coming up within the next 1-3 years. They will be competing for a long time with a good mix of veterans and youngsters.

So what do all of you think? Would this lineup win a Stanley Cup? Could this lineup be put together? Am I crazy and should just shut up? I would love everyone opinions.

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