Rangers Final Grades

Hey Boys, so I always find that this is a fun thing to do and talk about. I know people will agree and disagree but I think that's what makes this a lot of fun. Here are my Grades for all the Rangers. I'll start with the Forwards first.

Brian Boyle- Final Grade D+ Brian Boyle's regular season was a disaster. No one was expecting him to score 20 and I know he's a defensive minded forward but two goals? He was also a -13. Boyle's one of my favorites and I'm glad they didn't trade him at the deadline. I think he was one of our better forwards in the playoffs hitting everything in site and driving to net. He also blocked some Mike Green shots in the closing seconds of multiple games.

Derick Brassard- Final Grade A He was a godsend. I know we only saw him about 25 games but he was money in the post season and it sounds like he really wants to be here. He plays with an edge also and his play making ability is pretty special. He makes us a much better team down the middle.

Carl Hagelin- Final Grade B He stinks... I thought he had a solid year. He struggled with consistency no doubt but the legs were always there. He was constantly putting pressure on opposing D and it's a shame he got taken off the Stepan and Nash line. That trio had some chemistry. Hopefully next year the energizer bunny can get some PP time?

Derek Stepan- Final Grade A+ Maybe I'm biased, but I don't know what else he could have done. Easily the most consistent player on the team(Other then Hank) and he was solid defensively. I hate taking penalties but I love the Callahan Stepan combo on the PK. Those two are a threat to score every time. I believe he also led the team in playoff goals. So all in all it was a great year for Step. And he looked like a Badass in game 5.

Rick Nash- Final Grade B/B+ He was carrying the team offensively after a slow start scoring wise. We can see why the guy is such a stud. Deadly shot, hands softer than Steve Rucchin along the boards, and has a mean streak as well. He undoubtedly underachieved come postseason. One goal is pretty pathetic though he did play well at times. I think Joe's mentioned it a ton that he might have been hurt. Maybe, but either way one goal won't cut it. He's still a star and can't wait to see him again next year.

Ryan Callahan-Final Grade B I feel bad about giving him this grade. If it was based on effort obviously it'd be an easy A but I thought there were too many points in the season where he was inconsistent. I know we don't pay him only to score goals but the offense was certainly lacking. He hits everything in site and is a great captain. Love this guy and I don't think 30 goals next year is too much of a stretch.

Chris Kreider- Final Grade C Not exactly his fault. We all know Torts screwed him over so I think this is a fair grade. He did score the biggest goal of the year. I think he stays with Nasher and Step and really flourishes next year.

Taylor Pyatt- Final Grade C-/D+ Wasn't really impressed. He disappeared for a long stretch during the season. His play along the boards was solid but that was it. He's big but super sllll..ooooo...wwwww. I wonder if he gets moved?

Brad Richards- Final Grade, I thought about it, but he's not even worth a grade.

Zuc- Final Grade B+ The Hobbit was very good. He added some flare and creativity to a team that desperately needed it. I think he needs to bury a few more chances but he was really good in his short stint, hopefully he stays.

Aaron Asham- Final Grade C+ World Class wrist shot... but seriously he has a nice one. He was solid I thought, still not sure why he got scratched the last couple of games.

JT Miller- Final Grade B- Obviously not a whole lot of production but he impressed. He oozes with confidence which sometimes gets him in trouble but I like it. He's got a lot of "cowboy" in him too. He made tons of mistakes but that's how you learn. Hopefully he stays for a while.


Dan Girardi- Final Grade A- I think this guy is the glue on Defense. He's not as sexy as others but he does everything. Blocked shots and hits are obviously his main thing but his positioning and work ethic can never be questioned either. The reason for the A- and not an A is for that game against Boston when he was on for all five goals.

Ryan McDonagh- Final Grade A- Had a few gaffs in the playoffs. The penalty against the Caps in OT to send em on the PP to win and also against the B's when decided not to shoot to get better positioning and elected to take a weaker shot to only to get it blocked and they put it in the empty net. But he's a beast and under a new coach look for his O numbers to incline.

MDZ- Final Grade C I didn't think he was bad at all during the regular season. I mean the PP for him was rough but it was for everyone as well. That series against the Bruins was about as rough as it gets though. He looked bad, actually really bad. He was hurrying the puck and trying not get hit and would end up turning it over. Offensively he wasn't much of a factor either.

Staal- Final Grade A Obviously this is disregarding the injury. he was playing the best hockey of his career before the unfortunate injury. He was even chipping in offensively. Hopefully the injury doesn't halt his career and he can get back to playing at the level he was playing at before. He definitely puts us over the edge in my opinion.

John Moore- Final Grade B+ Best skating D-Man on the team? I think so. He was very good and he should see some PP time next year. He's not perfect defensively and he needs some working with decision making but he was a nice surprise. He's also only 22 and maybe makes Del Zotto expendable?

Steve Eminger- Final grade B- Not much to say here. He was good. I think he might be back as a 7th d-man next year. He didn't make many mistakes and made good little plays. About all you can ask for from him.

Anton Stralman- Final Grade B I thought he had a nice year. He certainly earned the trust of Torts and didn't let him down. He's a good player and I'm glad he's signed for another year.


Hank- Final Grade A+ To me this a no-brainier. Some will say he shouldn't get this cause of a "slow start" and a bad game against the Bruins but we were a 13th place team without him, plain and simple.

Marty Biron- Final Grade B+ He played seldom but was good. His best game(The only one I got to this year) was against the Caps in DC. He made some huge saves in that game and was certainly a difference. He was very solid in his limited action.

So the rest of the guys I left out I feel didn't play enough to get a grade. That group includes Clowe, Powe, Dorsette, Hammer Head, and some others. I just want to say to finish that I think it was the right move to see Torts go. I like him but he's too stubborn and respect was lost from his players. I hope he gets a job somewhere though. Thanks Torts!

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