Perfect Ranger's Off Season

Okay right now our roster looks like this before RFAs and UFAs


Hagelin - Stephan - Callahan

Krieder - Bassard - Nash

Zuc - Richards - Clowe

Boyle - Powe - Dorset

Asham - Miller - Pyatt


Mc Donaugh Giradi

Staal Stralman

Moore MDZ

Eminger McIlrath

A thousand feet of dirt

Gilroy Roman Hamrlik

Now UFA's are Clowe, Hamrlik, Gilroy and Eminger

Clowe - as long as his concussions are not an issue he should get a contract - will get around 3 mill

Hamrlik- cost us game five against the Bruins with that nice pass to the other team - no contract

Gilroy- maybe Hartford will sign him again

Eminger- stepped into our Blue Line well should get a contract- 1.5 mil

Now RFA's are Stepan , Haglelin, Zuc, and McDonagh

Stepan's numbers during his ELC are so similar to Giroux's that he will get around the same amount - around 4 mil

Hagelin will not get more than Stepan, but deserves more than Boyles 1.7 mil contract - around 3 mil

Zuc is hard to put a price tag, but will be worth less than 2.5 mi a season but more than Boyle- 2 mil

McDonagh will be able to command money - less than Staal but more than Girardi - around 3.75 mil

now right now that is 3 million over cap, but lets look at our fourth and fifth/healthy scratch line.

Boyle - Powe - Dorset

Asham - Miller - Pyatt

immediately disregard Miller, let’s not count on him making the lineup and he will not be traded.

Powe's trade value is too low to trade him, and he is good to have in case of injury.

I like Dorset, he is sort of like Prust, so let’s keep him.

That leaves Pyatt, Boyle, and Asham on their way out via trade, and us getting back two players for our fourth line.

This should clear 3.2 million in cap space and cost us 2.5 million back

now we are about 2.3 million short of being under the cap so let's trade MDZ with two of our third round picks with Buffalo for Minnesota’s 16th pick , we may need to throw in a pick from the 2014 draft, but we need a first round pick in this draft, and we will have enough cap room for everybody. MDZ is a good player, but having Clowe and Richards is more important. I think McIlrath will fit perfectly as our number sixth guy on defense. I think Richards will recover for this upcoming season and with no notable free agent names to replace him, it is best to keep him until next year and let Lindberg, St Croix, and Miller develop.

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