Join Blueshirt Banter's official EASHL Team on Xbox 360

Well hello there handsome/beautiful. Do you like hockey? Do you like videogames? Do you pine for interaction with fellow Rangers fans that constantly crack jokes, talk hockey, and awkwardly listen to one guy describe his sexual adventures? I know, that last part is a little weird but it doesn't happen very often. To be honest it has only happened twice but both times were super weird and were met with two long stretches of painful silence until I awkwardly said something along the lines of, "Well, how 'bout that?"

Anyways, our club is very much family friendly and we are looking to expand and add some more hooligans into the fold! We have more than a few guys on the team right now but there is always room for more and the ones that have joined aren't terribly active (which is a bummer). So what I am trying to say is that we want YOU.


What is the EASHL?

The EASHL is a game mode that you play online where each player on your team exclusively controls one player on the team, including the goalie. You compete against other teams that have the same amount of human users as your team has and can play just for shits and giggles or in a monthly playoff tournament. Whatever positions aren't occupied by humans are filled up with randomly generated computer players that are just giant shitshows on the ice. They often put pucks into our own net, they can't make a breakout pass, they never take the body, and they are robots... so they can't be trusted. Ever.

What do I need to play?

For this league you need an Xbox 360 and a copy of NHL 14. Having a headset is optional but we normally have a good time chatting it up while we play and in between games. I am normally a very shy and introverted person but the guys we play with make it hard to feel uncomfortable (so long as they aren't talking about sexual adventures).

I also believe that there is a PS3 league for NHL 14. I am sure that whoever is running that will post something in the comments so you can hop into that league instead if you have a PS3!

How serious about this are you guys?

We are a competitive group of guys but we also do this to have fun. We obviously want to win but we aren't the kind of guys that are going to curse at you and tell you to go dig your own grave in the woods and curl up into a little ball inside of it and get busy dying until you're dead because you made a bad play. Everyone on the team is unselfish and are all great guys. If I had to describe our team's attitude as an outfit it would be a polo shirt, just boxer shorts (no pants), and a baseball cap that may or may not be backwards depending on how much of a douche you are... we're also probably wearing a calculator watch. Because we mean business but we're also relaxed and comfortable.

Are you telling me that you are grown men that play video games almost every day?

Only when we're not playing with action figures and muttering "Lumos" when we flick light switches in our houses. We don't really coordinate when we play but we do our best to play a few times every week. The whole thing is very, very casual and is all about having a good time and filling the evenings when the Rangers aren't playing. I suppose we could go out and spend time with friends and family or go take night classes or go for walks or something but all of that requires getting out of the house/apartment/dorm and putting on pants. Pants are just the man's way of trying to put you down brothers (and sisters).

Why aren't you sleeping right now Mike?

Sleep is for the weak.

Was that a spider on my ear?!?!

No, it was just some hair that was sticking awkwardly into the top of my ear, it totally fucking felt like a spider though. I spazzed out pretty hard and did that arm-flail thing while swatting at my own head/face. We're good now though. Fucking spiders.

Well that's it boys and girls. Did I mention that you're beautiful/handsome? Oh, I did? Well you are. You're double-handsome/beautiful. Please think about joining in on the fun and filling some of your evenings with laughter, hockey, and enjoying the Blueshirt Banter community in a new way. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are, it doesn't matter how often you can play, if you are even remotely interested please just try it out. You might love it. You might love it as much as you love golden retriever puppies...

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN: Search for a club with the name "Blueshirt Banter HC" and we'll have you playing with us ASAP! Have a lovely day and I look forward to playing with more of you guys online.

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