NHL 14's "NHL 94 Anniversary Mode" Feature: Comparing 1994 To 2013

Ethan Miller

To commemorate NHL 14, let's look back.

You all probably already know more than enough about NHL 14 and all the components to it. Like, you've probably missed some vital meetings at work or classes at school because you're playing NHL 14. We've all done it. It's OK.

You've also probably noticed the "Anniversary Mode" feature, where the game transforms into what NHL games looked like when the game was out in 1994. The blue ice, stars around the selected players, awesome fights, amazing glitches (who didn't skate back and forth behind the net to confuse the goalie and then score in the open net every time?) and the cool little ref pictures in the corner. It was amazing.

You know the differences between NHL 94 and NHL 14. So what about the differences between the New York Rangers in 1994 and 2013. Yep. Here we go. 1994 time!

First, let's take a look at what NHL 94 thought of the Rangers:

# Forwards Rating
11 Mark Messier* 85
22 Mike Gartner* 85
10 Esa Tikkanen* 80
13 Sergei Nemchinov 72
8 Darren Turcotte 70
9 Adam Graves 68
12 Ed Olczyk 65
33 Tony Amonte 65
27 Alexei Kovalev 60
29 Phil Bourque 56
20 Jan Erixon 54
25 Steven King 47
26 Joey Kocur 43
37 Paul Broten 41
18 Mike Hartman 40
# Defensemen Rating
2 Brian Leetch* 76
3 James Patrick* 71
4 Kevin Lowe 62
21 Sergei Zubov 60
5 Peter Andersson 49
6 Joe Cirella 49
23 Jeff Beukeboom 47
24 Jay Wells 44
# Goalies Rating
34 John Vanbiesbrouck* 63
35 Mike Richter 61

Sooooo, some of these rankings were surprising. Mike Richter as a 61?? Richter not even starting?? Alexei Kovalev as a 60?? Is it even legal to have Brian Leetch ranked as anything other than a 100 in hockey video games???

Obviously these ratings were done before the Rangers won the Stanley Cup. And they also don't factor in all the trades the Rangers made in the run up to the trade deadline. But it's still fun to look at the past.

So what are some of the similarities? Both teams have amazing captains. Ryan Callahan is basically Mark Messier without the same level of offensive skill (and without elbows of steel). Both Henrik Lundqvist and Mike Richter are amazing. The 1994 team has Leetch and Sergei Zubov manning the point, which is similar to Michael Del Zotto and John Moore (although in terms of offensive skill things were much better in 1994).

Something else that's the same? Both teams have high expectations. The 2013 Rangers should be fighting for the Stanley Cup this year, just like the team was expected to in 1994. Some things never change. But still, the Rangers in 1994 and 2013 don't look too different (so long as you forget that the 1994 team actually, well, won the Cup).

So what do you guys think? What are the similarities? What are the differences?


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