Checking in On BSB's Fantasy Hockey League One!

We are currently in week seventeen of Blueshirt Banter's first (and let's be honest it's the only one that really matters) fantasy hockey league. For those of you who don't know, the playoffs start on week 22 so it is officially crunch time. It's been a pretty nutty year of fantasy hockey, one that has been marked by a lot of trades and devastating injuries to star players (especially goaltenders). It should have come to no surprise to anyone that goalies would be invaluable in a 14 man league but most people ended up with just one legitimate starter and a back-up from another team. Most of the top six teams in our league are where they are because of their goaltending.

Let's look at some highlights of the season thus far, shall we?

Biggest Fleece of the season:

Jesus Marian Hossa (my brother) dealt Philipp Grubauer to RINIGING PIPES for Milan Lucic. Promptly after the trade went through Grubauer was demoted to the AHL. Hilarious.

The runner-up? Kevin Power dealing Nail Yakupov and Tobias Enstrom to me for James van Riemsdyk and Matt Carle. I desperately wanted another elite d-man and I thought Enstrom was poised for a bounce back year. Enstrom has been a shit-show this season while JVR has enjoyed a break-out season on the top line of the Leafs.

Worst Pick of the Draft in Retrospect:

Very tough to say but one of the most painful picks in the early rounds (not counting the guys who have been injured) is almost certainly Tony Viola's pick of Craig Anderson in Round 3. Tony took Anderson instead of Fleury (ouch), Luongo (ouch), and Holtby (thank Jeebus he didn't take Holtby).

Holtby in the Round 3 was also pretty brutal. He was taken 11th overall in the 3rd by RINIGING PIPES.

Another brutal pick was Nail Yakupov as the 10th pick of Round 4 by Kevin Power.

Mike Smith as the last pick of Round 3 by Wu-Tanguay clan hasn't panned out well at all.

Early Picks That Burn Because of Injuries:

1. Steven Stamkos taken FIFTH overall by Kevin Power (Power later dropped Stamkos instead of storing him in an IR slot. Shenanigans).

2. Pekka Rinne taken 13th in Round 1 by Prepare 2 Be Boarded (my little brother).

3. Loui Eriksson taken second in the Round 4 (over guys like Sharp and Couture) by Prepare 2 Be Boarded.

4. Jimmy Howard taken at the end of the Round 2 by me. Howard (and the Red Wings) have been a nightmare.

5. Marian Gaborik. Taken as the fifth pick in Round 4 by Bring the Rain.

Best Steals of the Draft:

In Round 13 Kevin Power (#BlameBickel) took Ben Bishop with the 5th pick. Four picks before that I drafted Ray Emery. I hate myself.

In Round 11 Tommy (Wu-Tanguay Clan) took Alexander Steen as the last pick of the 11th Round.

Round 15 Jesus Marian Hossa took David Perron who has had an outstanding year with the Oilers.

Round 16 Kevin Power took Jaromir Jagr with the fifth to last pick in the draft.

Round 16 RINIGING PIPES took Chris Kreider with the fourth pick of the last round.

Round 13 Wu-Tanguay Clan took Bryan Little with the last pick of the 13th round.

Without a doubt the winner is... free agent pick up Kyle Okposo by Glove Savior.

The Players That Probably Shouldn't be on Someone's Team Right Now but Are:

(excluding blueliners because some people have been forced to have some terrible guys)

Sam Gagner. On BTW8892's team.

Carl Hagelin. On Callahan Auto Parts' team.

Ilya Bryzgalov. On Jesus Marian Hossa's team.

Valeri Nichuskin. On Kronwall of Pain's team.

Marek Mazanec. On Prepare 2 Be Boarded's team.

Kris Versteeg. On Prepare 2 Be Boarded's team.

Mike Cammalleri. On RINIGING PIPES' team.

Our League's Current Standings:


There is still a lot of time for those guys who are out of the playoff picture to turn things around. I want to thank everyone for making this such a fun league this year and I'm looking forward to doing it again with everyone next year.

ELE, Tony won't trade with me anymore because he's a baby, Pep smells like a paper mill, Let's go Rangers.

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