Checking in On BSB's Fantasy Hockey League Part Two!

Last week, Digger provided an update on BSB Fantasy Hockey League Part One. So now, I will update you all on Part Two.

On Monday the 3rd, we began Week 18 of the regular season. Playoffs begin in Week 22, so time is quickly running out in the season. Part Two is a 12-team league, and the top 6 teams make the playoffs. The top 2 teams get a first round bye.

Biggest Fleece of the season:

Unfortunately, there have been only two accepted trades (I avoided being fleeced by rejecting a proposal from The Winning Team. After the draft, he offered me Henrik Zetterberg straight up for Patrick Kane. I wisely said no).

The most one-sided trade was pulled of by Kreidsdales, who was able to acquire Jiri Hudler from HankMarryMe straight up for Dustin Penner. Hudler has 14 more points this season than Penner, and has proven to be much more durable this year. Hudler can also be used at both wings, while Penner is just a LW, giving Kreidsdales more lineup flexibility. Unfortunately for Kreidsdales, he can't brag about this trade that much, as both players have since been released by their new owners. As of the writing of this post, neither player is on a fantasy roster.

Most Even Trade of the Season:

Before the season started, The Winning Team sent Tyler Ennis and Brandon Saad to Matt C's Choice Team for David Backes. Ennis is no longer on a fantasy roster, but the other two pieces have been nearly identical fantasy-wise. At the time of this writing, Saad has 223.1 points so far this year, while Backes has 262.9. Over 17 weeks, that's relatively even.

Draft Busts:

(Note: I will not be counting players who have missed much of the season due to injury)

The biggest bust (based on draft position) has to be Nail Yakupov, who was taken as the 2nd pick of the 5th round (50th overall) by last-place team Krocks Henchmen. Some notable forwards taken in the same round as Nail who were available for Krocks Henchmen to select instead: Tyler Seguin, Patrick Sharp, and Joe Thornton.

Some lackluster goalies now: Craig Anderson was taken with the 6th pick of the 3rd round by Matt C's Choice Team. Mike Smith was taken with the 3rd pick of the 4th round by Rat Pack.

Steals of the Draft:

NY Fan in Delaware managed to have a couple steals in this draft. The first one is Jeff Skinner, who was grabbed with the 6th pick of the 10th round. Despite being limited to just 43 games so far due to early-season injuries, Skinner has recorded 38 points. NYFID's other steal was Jonathan Bernier, who he drafted with the 6th pick of the 16th (and final) round. Bernier is currently 6th in fantasy points among goalies for the season.

Two more goaltender steals: Matt C's Choice Team drafted Semyon Varlamov, who leads the league in fantasy points for goalies, with the 6th pick of the 13th round. Second in fantasy points among goalies is Ben Bishop, who was drafted late as well. PhilKesselSexyEyes was able to snatch Bishop up with the 2nd pick of the 16th round.

Some forward steals: Alexander Steen was taken by Rat Pack with the 3rd pick of the 14th round. Meanwhile, The Duderinos took Jaromir Jagr with the 9th pick of the 15th round.

A notable defenseman steal: James Wisniewski, who has 33 points in 48 games, was taken with the 3rd pick of the 13th round by Hometown Heroes.

Players That Shouldn't be on a Team but Are:

P.A. Parenteau; on Rat Pack

Nail Yakupov; on Krocks Henchmen

Current Standings (After Week 17):


As you can see, the top five teams have all clinched a playoff berth. Kreidsdales can clinch the sixth and final playoff berth this week with a win AND losses by Hometown Heroes and Rat Pack. Clearly, the playoff participants appear to be set; even if Kreidsdales doesn't clinch a berth this week, it's almost a given that he will by the time the regular season concludes. So now, it's all about playoff positioning, especially since the top two seeds get a coveted first-round bye. Right now, Dr. Strangepork has the inside track for one of these byes. After defeating NY Fan in Delaware in Week 17, Dr. Strangepork has secured sole possession of first place while maintaining a somewhat substantial lead in the tiebreaker category - Total Fantasy Points For. NY Fan in Delaware has the best chance among the other playoff teams of securing the other bye. NYFID is tied for the second best record in the league, but he has a large tiebreaker advantage on the other playoff teams.

To those of you playing fantasy hockey (either in this league or another): Good luck on the rest of your season! Glove tap to Digger for helping me create the graphic showing the league standings. As always, LGR!

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