The Rangers' Disallowed Goals This Season

Friday, March 21st 2014, the Rangers were denied another clear goal when Rick Nash's partial breakaway was called off as "goaltender interference" after the puck had crossed the goal line. As Ranger's fans, we have had to put up with a lot of this crap this season. Lets look back on the other "No Goal" goals the Rangers have scored in a nice timeline (sorry, can't embed the videos):

- Thursday October 24th, 2013: Rangers at Flyers

This goal was disallowed because JT Miller "kicked it in". I'll let you watch and be the judge of that...

- Monday October 28th, 2013: Canadiens at Rangers

The same play as JT Millers "no goal" only 4 days prior, yet it is somehow deemed a good goal after extensive review!

- Sunday November 17th, 2013: Kings at Rangers

Dominic Moore kicks this puck in, but it is initially called a good goal. The referee, without even reviewing it, inexplicably reverses his ruling to no goal when he gets to center ice. Is he even allowed to do that?

- Thursday November 21st, 2013: Rangers at Stars

This one was definitely pushed in with Brassard and there's no question that it's a no goal, but we have seen teams rewarded with a goal on identical plays. That's what made this frustrating.

- Saturday November 30th, 2013: Canucks at Rangers

This was the game in which Kreider scored a hat trick which sort of made this call non-important but, the puck did cross the goal line and you can see it in the video but, as always with the Rangers, it was called a "no goal".

- Saturday December 7th, 2013: Devils at Rangers

Everything about this "goal" against the Rangers was infuriating; the way that Jansen slid in and kicked it, the emphatic, enthusiastic goal call by the ref, Jansen's arrogance behind the net, his smug smile, and the eventual ruling as good goal. In no way shape or form was this a good goal as Jansen deliberately dove, used a kicking motion to flip the puck up into the net, and made virtually no attempt to use his stick to score. Who scores a goal diving feet first? Absolute garbage and it cost the Rangers the game.

- Monday December 23rd, 2013: Maple Leafs at Rangers

The puck clearly goes in the net, but the issue was the ref was hesitant to blow the whistle. Cam Talbot holds the puck for a good second and a half while the Toronto players Kadri and Clarkson whack at his pad repeatedly until the puck goes in. In this situation, if the referee either blew the whistle or had the intent to blow the whistle, this is a no goal. The referee had the whistle in his mouth before the puck crossed the goal line but what he told to the Situation Room up in Toronto was a completely different story as the goal was allowed. The Rangers went on to win the game but the Leafs eked out an extra point all thanks to a slow whistle and bad ruling.

- Thursday January 23rd, 2014: Blues at Rangers

Alexander Steen is in the midst of a great season on a cup contending St. Louis team, but this "deflection" was clearly directed towards the net with what appears to be a twisting kick. Steen doesn't attempt to get his stick on the puck which should've made his case worse, but as usual with the Rangers this year, good goal Blues.

- Saturday March 1st, 2014: Rangers at Flyers

This was clearly a no goal. No way to argue it.

- Sunday March 2nd, 2014: Bruins at Rangers

Although it probably wouldn't have affected the outcome of this game, this shouldn't have been a goal. Campbell motions for Paille to pass the puck to him but instead of getting his stick down on the ice to redirect the puck, he turns his skate and propels his leg forwards, kicking the puck into the net. Even the Bruins announcers thought it was a "no goal".

- Friday March 7th, 2014: Rangers at Hurricanes

This had all the makings of a goal: puck went in, ref blew whistle after that, and the Rangers forward Zuccarello was pushed into the crease. Good goal right? Wrong. The referee claimed that he was intending to blow the whistle and that Zuccarello interfered with the goalie and suddenly the Rangers were not on the scoreboard. At least they won.

- Sunday March 16th, 2014: Sharks at Rangers

The Rangers were playing a good game and thought they had tied it up, when the worst no goal of the season struck. The puck had gone into the net and had been pulled out by the pad of the Sharks goaltender Niemi. The NHL ruled that there was no conclusive evidence that the puck had gone in. There was a clip of the puck being pulled out of the net that looked like clear evidence, but apparently the NHL decided to go all theoretical physics on the call and decided that the puck entered a wormhole to another dimension and then magically reappeared sliding out of the net. No conclusive evidence my a**!

- Friday March 23rd, 2014: Rangers at Blue Jackets

This is the classic example of a sneaky goalie and a trigger happy ref. Rick Nash drove to the net on a partial breakaway and the puck went in the net. Bobrovsky, the Blue Jackets goalie, challenged Nash by coming to the top of his crease. He was aware that a collision was inevitable and I have to give Nash credit, he did a good job avoiding most of the contact but very minor contact was made with some embellishment from the goalie. The goal was instantly waved off and deemed un-reviewable. Pure garbage if you ask me. Chaos ensued as Bobrovsky made a nasty, rude gesture in pretending to give Nash his stick back and then tossing it down the ice at the last moment. This had gone far enough for Nash who had been sneakily tripped up and interfered with by Bobrovsky in the previous period and he retaliated with a shove. A mess broke out and the Rangers ended up in the penalty box. Sigh...

The season isn't over yet and there is still good chance we will see a few more controversial "no goals" called against the Rangers. It has become a tradition this season for the Referees and the Situation Room.

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