Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy April! RANGERS ADVANCE TO ROUND TWO!

Pope Carcillo. - Bruce Bennett

What a way to start the day!

LET'S GO RANGERS!!! How pumped up are you after last night's Game 7 win? I'm writing this thread at 11:37 PM and I can barely sit still. I just want to get back to the DVR and watch the second period in it's entirety. Due to some craziness involving flooding and helping a brother out I actually didn't get to watch a second of the game but got to hear the last 6 minutes of the third period on the radio (I didn't breathe). I'm going to spend as much of May 1st as I can actually watching the game, especially the second period.  I was very nervous that we'd be publishing our eighth issue of Blueshirts Monthly the morning after a crippling loss to the Flyers but thankfully Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers had other plans.

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Enjoy your May issue! Please give a big thanks to all of our contributors, and treat this as your open thread for the day to relive your favorite moments from the Rangers vs. Flyers series or talk some hockey. Here are some discussion questions to start your day off.

Some discussion questions for you handsome devils and gorgeous ladyfolk:

1. Biggest surprise of the First Round of the Playoffs?

2. After reading Mike's article, do you think the Rangers are tough enough?

3. After reading Tony's article, do you think Stepan is a "#1 Center"?

4. Best Ranger of Round 1?

5. Most disappointing Ranger from Round 1?

6. LOL CARCILLO. Discuss.

7. How are you feeling about how the Rangers match-up to the Pittsburgh Penguins?

8. Your picks for Round 2?

9. How many ferrets would it take to overwhelm Joe Fortunato if he was locked in a room with them and had no access to tools of any kind (but, he could get into a corner to protect his back)?

10. Finally, what was your favorite moment from the Rangers vs. Flyers series? It involves middle fingers, doesn't it?

That's it! Enjoy your open thread for the day guys and gals. Thanks for all of your support. Hope you enjoy the May issue of Blueshirts Monthly and hope that you're smile today is as big as it was last night.


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