Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy July!

Christian Petersen

Storm's a comin'...

June is over and our bruised and broken hearts are slowly starting to heal. Now it's July and July means that teams will start throwing money around like confetti to make the moves they have to make to put themselves in the position that the Kings and Rangers were in just a few weeks ago. It's free agency time. Hold onto your butts.

The start of a new month also means that it's Blueshirts Monthly time! Check your inboxes for the new issue and start talking about whatever you want to in this thread! We published tonight because of the all the coverage that we're going to have tomorrow for the start of free agency.

What's Inside Issue Ten?

  • Two new comics, one of which will give you nightmares ("SkreeeeeEEEEEEEEEE").
  • Awesome photography from Blueshirt Banter All-Star commenter Blueshirts Fan for 50.
  • 27 pages of content to get you primed for tomorrow and to remind you of what the team accomplished this past season.
  • Articles from Mike, Tony, and Joe!

What's that you say? You still haven't subscribed to Blueshirts Monthly? Did you know that it is FREE TO SUBSCRIBE? All you have to do to subscribe is email with "SUBSCRIBE" as your subject and you'll be getting the newsletter. We'll take care of the rest. If you have any issues or questions please just shoot us an email and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

Just a Little Note: Please make sure to check your spam folder if the email doesn't show up for you in your inbox. We are sending out a lot of emails with attachments on them and sometimes email services flag them as spam.

Another  not-so-little Note: Joe, Tony, and I have been talking about making some major changes with the newsletter. When we know what's going on, you guys will know what's going on. We just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that changes are almost certainly coming for the newsletter and how we do it.


Thanks again for your support guys, it means the world to the three of us. Please feel free to use this as your open thread for the rest of the evening, to talk about this month's Blueshirts Monthly, and to talk about who you are most scared of losing and signing tomorrow and for the rest of July. I have a nasty feeling it is going to be a pretty dramatic offseason and that the 2014-15 Rangers are going to look very different from the 2014 Eastern Conference Championship Rangers. Let's do this thing.

Let's go Rangers.


Please help us out by answering the poll below honestly and leave feedback for the newsletter or a more detailed response to the attached poll in the comments section. Thanks a million guys.

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