Blueshirt Banter Discussion

Rangers Adding Goaltending Depth


A new AHL starter and some kids for the future.

Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy July!


Your open thread for the evening leading into tomorrow's chaos.

Come What May


Let's go Rangers.

Henrik Lundqvist Foundation Fundraiser


Let's go Rangers. Let's go Hank.

A Rangers Viewing Party... in Paris!


So... this is happening and it's pretty amazing. Blueshirt Banterer Blueshirt in Paris has scrambled to make something awesome happen on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and we are happy to support and promote it here on the Banter. If you guys have friends, family, or acquaintances in France be sure to tell them about the viewing party so they can enjoy watching it with some Rangers and Kings fans at a ridiculous hour. Something tells me there will be very good wine to be had... what with it being Paris and everything. So please, help us spread the word about it and if you are a Banterer or Rangers fan in Paris make sure to RSVP and show up to celebrate the Rangers making it to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 20 years with other ex-pats and, perhaps, some very friendly and perhaps inebriated Frenchmen. Should be a fun time! Check out the link! Spread the word! Let's go Rangers!

Group Donation to the Katie Moore Foundation Pt. 2


Shedding some light on a very worthy cause.

Blueshirts Monthly Open thread! Happy June!


We're still playing hockey in June? Holy sh-

Group Donation to Katie Moore Foundation


Let's show our support for a great cause.

B-12 Open Thread: Happy May, RANGERS ADVANCE!


Talk some hockey with us!

B-12 Open Thread: Happy April!


Let's take a look back at March and look forward to some April hockey.


5 Questions with Matchsticks and Gasoline


Where do the Flames stand and what does their future look like?

Deadline Day Open Thread

Let's do this.

A Recap of the Rangers Trades this Season

The three trades the Blueshirts made before deadline day.

Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy March!


Let's talk some hockey!

Where the Rangers Stand with 23 Games Remaining


Let's take a look at where the Blueshirts stand.

Roster Freeze Open Thread


A place to talk about today's roster activity (if there is any).

Derick Brassard and Depth Scoring


Appreciating the Rangers third line center and what he's brought to the team.

Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy February!


Is it February already?

B-12 Discussion Thread: Happy 2014!


A new year filled with hockey. Let's just hope it's good hockey.

The Enigma That is Benoit Pouliot


So much beautiful skill and we so rarely get to see it... he's like the rainbow of hockey players.

Have You Subscribed to B-12 Yet? It's Free!


Treat yourself to even more Rangers coverage or get someone you kinda like but don't really love a free gift.

Five Questions About the Panthers


Five questions about the Florida Panthers answered by Kevin Kraczkowski.

Have You Subscribed to Blueshirts Monthly Yet?


If you Subscribe I'll love you forever.

Halloween and Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread!


Look! I drew something for you guys! Well, I drew you guys a lot of things but you have to get the newsletter to see most of 'em.

What I Want to See When Rick Nash Returns


It's time for the Rangers to protect Rick Nash

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