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Oscar Lindberg: 24 Pts in 29 GP


Lindberg, the 21 year old 2010 Phoenix 2nd round draft pick who was acquired by NYR for Ethan Werek, has made a solid jump in production this year in the SEL for Skelleftea HC with 24 points (9 + 15) in 29 games played. This is interesting because Lindberg is posting a PPG rate of 0.83 currently, which translates to average 0.65 PPG in the NHL (or just over 50 points/82 games). This is not the gospel, but it shows the potential Lindberg could have if he continues to develop.

SBN does good?


Following a nasty fight post-Winter Classic, Broad Street Hockey appears to have stumbled into some crime fighting via another dumb criminal. Feel free to read and send Travis a much-deserved attaboy (h/t Greenberg).

Rangers are Indeed Playing Better


From George aka @RangerSmurf: "First 16 games, 10-3-3 record, 45.2% FenTied, 104.5 PDO. Last 9 games, 5-3-1 record, 53.2% FenTied, 101.9 PDO" Remember I posted "no news is not good news" and said they still don't really have it going but also kinda said its been a bit better? George noted it in the comments and updated it after last night. PDO is down towards the average (good) and a 53.2% Fenwick at tied scores during the game would make the Rangers a top ten club pretty easily. These are good signs that the Rangers are in the other teams zone more than theirs.

Konopka Speaks Out About Wolski Hit


Should make for an interesting game Wednesday... A similar version of the story can be seen here

ESPN NY: Rangers Cup Window is Open


An article that (maybe) we can all agree on. Fair warning, there are those number thingy's called advanced stats involved, and they actually prove that the Rangers are moving forward (and that Stepan might not have a sophomore slump if he stays in the same role as George pointed out yesterday). Other than that, there are two other reasons why this story is a good read: 1) An attention to the fact that Hank is aging, so NYR better hurry. 2) Proves once-more that Christensen should be buried/bought out/whatever. Time to believe?

Updated Look at the East: Rangers Back in 8th


Buffalo beat Carolina in overtime this evening, leaving the playoff race in the East looking like this: 6) Montreal - 91 points 7) Buffalo - 90 points 8) NY Rangers - 89 points ------------------------------------------ 9) Carolina - 87 points

Avery Reaching Out to Gay Hockey Players


Whether you like him or not you have to appreciate things like this. Classy move Aves.

Rangers Most Improved ?


That's what Robert Vollman at Puck Prospectus believes after he took a look at the advanced projection stats for the upcoming season. "The New York Rangers will fly up the standings from 21st to 8th, according to the predictions we published in Hockey Prospectus 2010-11. But does our assertion that the New York Rangers are the league's most improved team really stand up to objective analysis? Let's pop open the hood and see." If you're a numbers guy like me you'll really like the article and the prospect of it all coming true.

"First We Take Manhattan"


From one of my favorite hockey blogs outside of this one, Hockey or Die: "Derek Boogaard played less than 6 minutes per game in 2009-10, and he only dressed in 57 games with the Wild. Sather, apparently, has bigger plans for Boogaard on his roster. As the guys at Hockey Wilderness have pointed out, Boogaard would make $4707 per minute with his new deal based on his totals from last season. What could possibly (dementia) have convinced Sather that the same problems his club faced with Donald Brashear wouldn’t resurface with Derek Boogaard?"

Eastern Conference Playoff Scenarios (Only One Spot Remains)


The top six positions are all locked up: 1 Washington 2 New Jersey 3 Buffalo 4 Pittsburgh 5 Ottawa 6 Boston The Canadiens have also clinched a playoff spot. If the Flyers win Sunday 7 Philadelphia 8 Montreal If the Rangers win Sunday 7 Montreal 8 New York

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