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Heartwarming story on Kopitar


Another great story on Kopitars rise through the NHL. Awesome that his folks could be there for his Stanley Cup win.

Horton to bring Cup to South Florida


Not sure how I feel about this move. Guy took many nights off in his time in Florida and expressed no interest in staying. Why now?

JLikens on the Probability of the Best Team Having the Best Results


A very cool, very interesting study on variance between team talent and performance. Probably the best post I've read this year.

Report: No Heritage Classic in 2011-12


According to a report from ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, it appears the NHL's Heritage Classic is once again on the back burner The report states that the Heritage Classic may return for 2012-13 and that the Winter Classic remains on the league's schedule. During the post-game press conference, following this past February's game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman noted that no plans had been made for the following season. Bettman also noted the monumental task of staging three major league events - The HC, All-Star Game and Winter Classic.- all falling within a two month time period. The Heritage Classic has only been staged twice, the first time in 2005 when the Edmonton Oilers hosted the Canadiens. The league could be looking at it from a logistical stage, but one of the biggest complaints from most at this year's Heritage Classic was the ice conditions. Something that has been mentioned by several people is to stage the All-Star Game outdoors in feasible NHL cities, where ice conditions would be a non-factor in a meaningless game. The Toronto Maple Leafs were considered front-runners for the next outdoor game in Canada, but it appears the Philadelphia Flyers will host the New York Rangers in the 2012 Winter Classic. No Canadian franchises have hosted or played in any Winter Classics since their inception. There is of course another justification for this. With next season's All-Star Game will be held in Ottawa, the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, and the Vancouver Canucks on the brink of claiming a Stanley Cup, maybe Bettman & co. feel Canada has had enough in the last two years.

Don't tell them Guy Lafleur ran off with the Stanley Cup!


Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup winning goal is missing, and now the case is in the hands of the FBI. You'd think they'd have bigger crimes to solve, right? I'm no forensics or crime scene expert, but considering Chris Pronger's puck swiping history you'd think they would want to talk to him first.

Where to find the Stanley Cup


Found a google map on Twitter that's tracking where the Stanley Cup is at all times if anyone wants to try and track it down.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Chicago Blackhawks for Winning the 2010 Stanley Cup


The Chicago Blackhawks won in overtime in Game 6 on a sharp-angle Patrick Kane shot to the right corner to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 and to win the series 4-2. Jonathan Toews is the recipient of the Conn Smythe trophy for Playoff MVP. Former Devil John Madden now will get his third Stanley Cup ring, and Marian Hossa smashed a curse to win his first. Chicago was in "win-now" mode, played fantastic hockey at both ends all season, and deservedly won the Stanley Cup over a more fortunate, slightly better Montreal Canadiens-esque team in the Flyers. Congratulations to Chicago and their supporters. UPDATE: Here's a video of the play and the Stanley Cup winning goal by Kane, uploaded by Jefflered. Kane knew it was in and he was so, so right.

Sens have 40:1 odds to win 09-10 Cup


The Senators apparently are being given 40:1 odds to win the Stanley Cup next season. That's 22nd in the league, worse odds than even the Dallas Stars (25:1)--who, like the Senators, failed to make the playoffs last season--as well as the Montréal Canadiens (30:1)--who currently have seven forwards under contract--and the Columbus Blue Jackets (35:1)--a franchise who has played exactly four playoff games.

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