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Top 10 Fedoruk and Nolan moments


I did an article highlighting the career highlights of the latest tryouts to the Canucks camp! Give it a read if it pleases you. :)

Top 10 reasons to hate the Canucks


2011 saw a rise in anger against the city of Vancouver, well I've got news for you, the world should have been hating us long ago. Read about the top reasons you should REALLY hate the Canucks.



Hey everyone, You gotta check this Bruins Anthem out. Great song with great highlight video put together by myself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULGrS1jNX3c We gotta spread this !! Lets' Go B's !!! Get game 7 and #bringhomethecup Brendon Jennings (Jenny B)

By bringing new ideas, Gillis has helped take Canucks to Stanley Cup final


From THN, I thought this was a great articles about how Gillis has really put his mark on the team and found success. Really good reading unless your username starts with a Y and ends with an A

Shane O'Brien Accepts Conditional Offer

Shane O'Brien has accepted his qualifying offer, and agreed to re-sign with the Canucks for one year at $1.6 million. The contract leaves the Canucks with 22 roster players signed and less than $300,000 of cap space. At $59.133 million, the Canucks are just $266,000 under the NHL salary cap. A team can go over the cap by as much as 10% before the start of the season. Things get interesting. I wonder who'll be sent packing...

Chasing Stanley


new blog. let me know what you think!

Burke faces Vancouver media over tampering controversy


Burke's take on all the hubub from the Canucks this year. On meeting Gillis this weekend, he says: "I'm not jumping off a bridge if I don't see him and I'm not going to order a cake if I do."

Tampering charges against the Leafs resolved


And the result? The Leafs were fined for the comments made by Ron Wilson, but were just verbally reprimanded for the latest charges regarding the name-dropping of players in the draft. I wonder how long the league had to stifle their laughs when they had to seriously deal with the accusations lobbied by the Canucks. After all. for the Leafs to commit such an egregious act bordering on a massive conspiracy, a team actually needs to care about the opposition. Somehow, I doubt anyone taking the Vancouver Canucks all that seriously.

Kent Huskins gets promoted!


Head to Fear the Fin to get some gut trade reaction. Basically, Ehrhoff and Lukowich are off to Vancouver for spare parts. The trade may get the Sharks cap-compliant, but I'm not doing cap-ceiling math any more.

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