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New York Rangers at Washington Capitals: Open Game Thread

Nyr_medium Capitals_medium

New York Rangers at Washington Capitals

Rangers vs Capitals coverage

Verizon Center, Washington DC

Thursday October 8th, 7 PM


Radio: 970 AM

Capital Punishment: Japers Rink

Between the Pipes:

Henrik Lundqvist

#30 / Goalie / New York Rangers



Mar 02, 1982

Jose Theodore

#60 / Goalie / Washington Capitals



Sep 13, 1976

Just a quick update here by Joe Fortunato.

A) Please remember guys NOT to post where you can catch the game online. That is not permitted here. What you do with your own personal e-mails and other forms of communications is your own business, but you can't post it here.

B) If you haven't already please visit the Where Ya From page and tell us where you are from.

C) Also, if you haven't already, please vote in our Blueshirt Banter Radio poll. We might change the time as per your responses. Thanks guys!