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Blueshirt Banter Radio: An announcement

Before I get to my announcement literally nothing is going on in Ranger world. Nothing. We will have news if it happens, but as of right now the water is still as they say. Anyway on to the announcement.

Hey all, I have a announcement to make. As many of you know (at least you should) I have not been on any of the recent Blueshirt Banter Radio shows. I have had a few school issues that I have had to take care of and simply have not had the time.

After much deliberation with Jim, and after a conversation or two with potential employers, we realized that it might be better for me if I evolved into my own show that talked about more than just hockey. This way when looking for a job I can showcase myself better. The show is called "New York Tonight" and it will be the newest addition to the Blueshirt Banter Radio Network.

"New York Tonight" is a general sports show with a Rangers influence but will also talk about the Giants, Jets, Yankees, Red Bulls and other general sports news when necessary. I hope to rely on lots of guests and I expect to bring you the same quality you get from Jim, Mouth and Mandar.

My first show will be tomorrow (Friday) from 6-7, obviously if you can't listen because of how early it is I apologize but blog talk radio makes you preform a few shows before you can sign up for "prime time" slots. Currently I will update you at the beginning of every week as to when my show will be until I can figure out a permanent spot. Look for the updates!

I hope to catch you all down there. If you can't get to the show live the show is always archived on my show page. Hope to see you all there!

My official show page is:

So remember now your Blueshirt Banter Radio Network experience will be:

- Jim and the Mouth on Tuesday's from 8-10

-Eddie "The Mouth", Jim and Mandar on Wensdays from 9-11

-Joe Fortunato on "New York Tonight" this week Friday (Nov, 20th) 6-7.