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ESPN Trade Rumor: Higgins to Anaheim?

This is being reported on ESPN Insider, which I refuse to pay for, but Anaheim Calling, the SBNation home of the Anaheim Ducks had the story:

From ESPN:  "The Anaheim Ducks and New York Rangers might be talking about a big trade that would bring Christopher Higgins to Anaheim for Marchant"...  I would assume not straight up.

Also, in the same rumours section they were talking about a big trade involving JS going to Toronto for a lot of people.  This is one of the teams JS would consider since he does have a no movement clause in his contract. 

With all that being said it seems like the trade winds are blowing early and heavy in Anaheim.

Like I said, just a rumor, and its ESPN, so take it with a grain of salt.