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New York Tonight: Updates Edition

I am happy to say that my radio show New York Tonight has found a permanent time slot.

From this point forward every Monday night from 9-10 p.m. New York Tonight will go live. You can listen to the show and download the archived versions at the main show page here.

Steve Zipay will be joining me today at 6 p.m. however, we wont be taking calls during the interview but you can call after. This is the last segment of New York Tonight at 6 O'clock. If you can't make the show live then make sure to catch the archived version at the main show page here.

Don't forget that Jim and the Mouth still have their show tonight at 9 p.m. and their guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio will be former New York Ranger Joe Patterson. Joe spent 2 seasons with the Rangers in the 80's, and also spent time with Detroit and the Kings.

If you missed our shows live, they are all available for podcasting by clicking the links above.