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Blueshirt Banter Radio Live at 8 PM with Emile Francis and Gilles Villemure!

Emile "The Cat" Francis
Emile "The Cat" Francis

Remember tonight at 8 PM, we will be on the air live for Blueshirt Banter Radio. Tonight our guests are Ranger legends Emile Francis, and surprise guest Gilles Villemure. Emile was a player, coach, and GM for the Rangers, and Villemure was an All-Star goalie for the Rangers, and shared the Vezina with teammate Eddie Giacomin in 1971. You won't want to miss it when we talk to Ranger Royalty, tonight at 8, only on Blueshirt Banter Radio!

As always, you can click the link above, and join the live chat during the show, or listen right here: