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New York Rangers Roundup: 3.23.09

As we recover from last night's loss, here are some Ranger notes for today:

  • From Ranger notes in the Bergen Record, Michael Rozsival is going to have an MRI today. Coach Tortorella also comments in this story about the decision to use Lundy on back to back nights. Nyr_liberty_medium
  • Just got word, Rozsival is officially out for tomorrow night, D Michael Sauer has been recalled from Hartford. He was the Rangers 2nd round pick in 2005, and should be making his debut tomorrow night against Minnesota.
  • Here is Michael Sauer's profile from
  • Here is his scouting report from Sounds like he is a big young kid who can move the puck, but doesn't play up to his size yet.
  • I can't find any information that confirms if they are related or not, but Martin Avery from The Bleacher Report would definitely give our own AveryGod a run for his money when it comes to his bromance with Sean Avery. Seems like every article he writes is about "The Grate One".
  • The Rangers still have won seven of their last 10 games and completed play Sunday in the seventh playoff position in the East with 84 points, four ahead of ninth-place Florida-and just two behind fifth-place Pittsburgh.