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New York Rangers Roundup: 3.25.09

Good Afternoon Ranger fans, here are some stories to help you get thru the day:

  • Here is Obie's recap of the game in the NY Daily News. Nyr_liberty_medium
  • Obie makes a great point: If the NHL is trying to market the game, showing the Jacques Lemaire coached Wild on National TV is a lousy way to do it. They are as boring as the Devils of the early 90's, and won't be half as successful.  Looked like Jacques had a few fresh hairs in the combover though.
  • Over in the NY Post, Jay Greenberg talks about Zherdev's great goal last night, and the need for more production from him.
  • Zherdev reminds me so much of Alex Kovalev, all the talent in the world, but susceptible to just mind numbing lapses at times. It's going to take plenty of effort on Coach Tortorella's part to get the most out of Zherdev.
  • Steve Zipay over at Newsday has some post game notes and quotes from Torts
  • Jane McManus at LoHud has a brief look at the Thrashers game tomorrow night.

Finally, from me, starting this morning, Blueshirt Banter is being featured on the Rangers Team Page. The guys at SBNation did a great job getting this done, you should start seeing all the hockey blogs up there in the coming days.

Welcome to all our new readers, we hope you will stick around and join the discussions.