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Rangers Playoff Gameday Notebook: 4.24.09

The drop of the puck is just a few hours away, time to look at the Ranger headlines from around the net:

Nick at the Ranger Tribune says the Rangers have been here before.

Martin Avery from The Bleacher Report gives his take on the "Benching Sean Avery" issue. My thoughts on the topic were well covered early in the week, at this point I'm just thankful the Rangers have been able survive the positions Avery has put them in. I still don't know if Martin is related to Sean, but he sure does love to write about him.

Meanwhile, the National Post says Sean Avery is coming back to bite the hand that saved him. My argument there is, didn't Avery and the Rangers kinda save each other, just a little?

At Newsday, Mark Herrmann asks what's A bigger deal ... A win for the Rangers or Ovechkin?

Tom Renney, remember him? Well according to Newsday, Renney was on NHL Home Ice on XM radio, and said he likes the Rangers chances. has an interview with Brian Leetch, and Brian talks about how his younger brother continues to inspire.

NY Post: Henrik Lundqvist prepares to win series tonight against Caps.

Mike the Ranger Pundit talks about the The Prince Who Would Be A King. I'm a big fan of Mike's, and I am hoping at some point he'll drop in here and share his wisdom with us. He's been a Ranger fan for 70 years, who wouldn't want to hear what he has to say?

Steve Zipay of Newsday was on SNY this afternoon, here is what he had to say:

That's it for now, see you in the open thread tonight!