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2009 NHL Draft Prospect Preview: Scott Glennie

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Today's preview is something a little different. A lot of Ranger fans are hot for Glennie, and even though he didn't fall to us in the Mock Draft on From the Rink, anything can happen Friday night when the real thing starts. 

One of the biggest fans in Glennie's corner is our own Dave from Blue Seat Blogs. Dave has done a few stories on Glennie, and was gracious enough to share them with us.

Rangers 2009 Draft Preview: (click the link for more info)

While Ferraro and Schroeder are more well-rounded than Glennie, Glennie showcases a skill that was surpasses the previous two. Glennie’s best weapon, as touched upon before, is his speed. He is lightning-quick, with an overdrive that is matched by no one on the junior level. Combine that with his offensive and puck handling abilities, and he becomes an offensive force.

Rangers pick at 19: (click the link for more info)

The kid is lightning quick, and would probably be top 10 in the NHL in terms of pure speed. He has the offensive talent to match his speed, putting up over a point per game in both the regular season (28-42-70 in 58 GP) and the playoffs (3-15-18 in 12 GP) in the WHL.

Draft Combine Wrap-Up: (click the link for more info)

Brandon winger Scott Glennie (ranked #7) had a solid vertical, though his upper body strength was questionable, though that could very well be a reflection of his missing time this season with a broken elbow.

Mock Draft: MyNHLDraft:

Scott Glennie going at #17 to St. Louis. He is another interesting case as some project him to go top-10, but others mid-20s. The averages have him going around mid-teens. I’m telling you this, if he’s available at #12, following Nashville’s pick, and the Sather doesn’t at least make an attempt to trade up, I will be very, very, very upset. This kid is going to be gold.

Thanks to Dave for the great analysis, now here is what else is being said about Glennie:

Our Sports Central:

A terrific skater with outstanding breakaway speed and agility, Glennie plays a high-energy, creative offensive game. The 6' 1", 177-lb winger has strong puck skills and can handle the puck and make plays at high speed. With his speed, agility and puck handling ability, Glennie is always a threat to beat defenders on the outside, and gets a lot of offensive chances on breakaways and partial breaks. Although not the biggest player, Glennie doesn't shy away from physical play, and is effective and tenacious on the forecheck. His high level of compete and his strong work ethic make Glennie a game-breaking player who can elevate his game when it counts, as shown with his great performance in the 2009 playoffs.

Here is Glennie's video profile from