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2009 NHL Draft: Interview with Victor Hedman

Q. Do you expect to come and play for Tampa Bay this season, or will you spend another year in Sweden?
VICTOR HEDMAN: My goal is to play with the Tampa Bay Lightning next season, so my main goal is that, and I'm going to work hard this summer to make the team next year. I'm looking forward to help the team, they struggled a bit this year, so I look forward to turning things around with that team.

Q. How much do you think it's helped you that you've played with older players in the last couple of years?
VICTOR HEDMAN: Also I think it helped me a lot playing two years in the men's league. But I know what it's all about but the NHL, it's another level, and I need to bring my game to another level, as well.
But that's what I'm looking forward and that's what I'm looking forward to as a challenge, as well.

Q. What was the day like for you not knowing if you're going to go 1,2, what was it like?
VICTOR HEDMAN: I mean, it was great. Islanders picked a good guy, as well, John, he's a very good player. I'm just happy to become an NHL player and it became Tampa and I'm just as happy as I can be. Tampa is a great team and a great organization as well as in my thoughts, so I'm really looking forward to help the team next year.

Q. Do you think that the culture change moving from Sweden to Tampa Bay is going to be more of a challenge than the actual game itself?
VICTOR HEDMAN: Obviously I'm moving to another country but I am looking forward to it and I have been to Tampa. It's a great city and great arena and I'm looking forward to the U.S. to become a player. I'm here to play hockey and I'm really looking forward to becoming an NHL player and to play in North America and to live here.