Virtual Ads to Return: Among NYR are NYI, NJD, COL

Yes, you might just have a reason to expect more of those virtual Subway ads on the glass this year.

From Rangers Report:

Remember those awful “Subway” ads MSG virtually placed on the glass and the ice last season? Well, expect more of the same according to the story below, from USA Today.

Hey, maybe we can take up a collection here and put a Rangers Report (or Festivus Blog) logo at center ice during the playoffs.

Here’s the story:

Virtual signs to invade NHL sightlines in upcoming season

By Michael McCarthy/USA Today

As cash-hungry sports teams and TV networks scramble for scarce ad dollars on Madison Avenue, so-called virtual signs are becoming a virtual reality in the sports-TV world.

Once taboo outside Major League Baseball telecasts, these high-tech ads are digitally inserted inside live game coverage. They’re typically projected on a wall or glass and are only visible to viewers at home, not fans at the arena or ballpark.

The NHL has discussed how to use virtual ads during the upcoming season with its national TV partners in the USA and Canada. At least four NHL clubs are working with their regional sports networks to sell virtual ads next season — the Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders and New York Rangers.

With viewers flipping channels, marketers want to stick their messages “inside the games,” rather than around them during commercials, says Tom Philand, senior vice president at Altitude Sports & Entertainment, which airs Avalanche games.

The Rangers and MSG Networks only got a “handful of complaints” after placing virtual ads for Subway, New York Life and iO TV on the glass behind the goalies in several game telecasts last season, says MSG general manager Dan Ronayne. Tony Pace, Subway’s chief marketing officer, says, “Most of the comments were positive. But some viewers thought it was so visible it detracted from their view of the game.”

These highly debated ads may make there return to our broadcasts. In my opinion, they weren't a bother. Just as long as ads don't make their way onto jerseys I'm fine. Thoughts?

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