Rangers Analysis: What will happen to the Rangers if they don't buyout Redden's contract?

I was looking at the Rangers' salary cap chart and, big surprise here, they have a lot of money tied up for a long time. It will be three years before any of the Rangers' major salaries (those over $3 mill) come of the books. Before that time the following Rangers will reach some form of FA:



Dubinsky (assuming we can retain his services for this year)







I'm no expert on how much of a raise these guys will expect to receive, but with virtually no cap space and only small contracts set to expire in the next few years, how can the Rangers possibly expect to retain more than a couple of these guys?

I know some fans are wondering if Redden can have some sort of resurrection with Tortorella's system fully implemented, but even if he does, wouldn't it serve the greater good to buyout or bury his contract so that the Rangers could keep this young core of players together? I'm sure I'm not seeing all the angles, but unless Montreal is willing to take on more of our bloated contracts, is there any other alternative to cutting our losses with Redden?