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Rangers News: Brandon Dubinsky talks to Steve Zipay at Newsday

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Steve Zipay has an interview with Dubinsky, and it sounds like Brandon is confident everything will be done in time for training camp.

Full story here.


"I want to be a Ranger," said Dubinsky, 23, still an unsigned, restricted free agent. "The Rangers want me here; something’s gonna get done real quick and this will all be an afterthought. I’m in here working hard, getting ready for the season, not worrying about that; everything falls into place eventually, so I’m not losing any sleep over it. Obviously there’s been a lot of speculation and stuff, but I know where we’re at and where we’re gonna be…It might be 12 days away from camp, but 12 days is a long time, you can have a lot of conversations in 12 days, it only takes one."

During the summer, Dubinsky trained in his home state of Alaska and in New York recently and changed his routine a bit. "I shot a lot of pucks; I passed on too many opportunities last season," he said.

I think its a good sign. Brandon sounds like he has the right mindset, he isn't worried about it, so neither should we be.