Rangers Analysis: Is It a Coincidence? Kessel Traded = Dubz signed

One would think, with all the talk of possible trades that were rumored to occur involving Boston and the Rangers, how close were any of these rumors to happening and is it a coincidence that as soon as Kessel gets traded Dubie signs up?(1st fan Post BTW)

I would believe that some sort of trade was a lot closer to happening than we all thought involving the Maple Leafs, Rangers and Bruins. It all seems very odd to me...

Dubie and Sather have completely different views on a contract.

Dubie doesn't enter camp.

Torts says he will not hold anything against him and this is a business.

Torts then says its stupid he should be here the next day or so.

          (Heatley gets traded)

Rumors stir about Toronto, Rangers going at Kessel hard

Rangers preseason: announcers talk about dubie saying he has no leverage, then Glen says "he has no leverage,its the one time in his career he cannot do anything about his contract."

           (Kessel traded to Toronto for picks)

Dubie signs up for 1.7 million first year, and 2 million the next?

He reportedly wanted 4 years and 4 million a piece?

Okay so obviously a compromise was met with  Sather offering 700k and Dubie wanting 4mill  per year  but this is too coincidental for me. Was it Kessel coming off the table? (but then again was there room for him anyway?) [Cap room or ice time] What made Sather crack? and why now?

Was Gaborik not practicing yet a factor? Prospal, Artem not impressive enough?

- Like i said, some deal must've been much closer with our names in the hat involving a trade with these guys, something i'm glad we will never know because he's here and the season is finally getting started. It's been a long summer guys.

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