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Blueshirt Banter Radio: Pat Lafontaine, Arthur Staple, Season Previews

As we count down the days and get ready for the regular season opener on Friday night, just wanted to give you guys a heads up on what lies ahead this week on Blueshirt Banter Radio:

Tuesday 9-29: Our season preview show kicks off at 7 PM. We will be joined by Frank from PensBurgh, Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey, John from In Lou we Trust, and Travis from Broad Street Hockey to get their thoughts on their teams, and what they think lies ahead for the Atlantic Division. We also take your phone calls, and get your thoughts on the Rangers.

Wednesday 9-30: The Mouth and I are combining efforts for a special one hour show on Blueshirt Banter Radio at 7 PM. We will be talking to Hall of Famer and NY Hockey legend Pat LaFontaine, and we will also be joined by Arthur Staple from Newsday. This is the only night Pat LaFontaine was available, and when you have the chance to interview a Hall of Famer, you make adjustments.

Thursday 10-1: The Countdown to the 2009-10 season continues over on Ranger Crisis Radio from 9 PM to 11 . Joining The Mouth for his "Ranger Crisis Rockin Eve" will be Leslie Treff, she covers the Rangers for Hockey's Future, and also by Matt Mankiewich, who covers all the local teams on Our good friends Adam Raider and Russ Cohen, the authors of 100 Ranger Greats, will also be joining The Mouth that night.

Remember that if you aren't able to listen to the shows live, the podcasts are available for downloading to your Ipod or Zune, or whatever MP3 player you use, simply by clicking the links above, and downloading the show you want to hear.

So starting tomorrow night, we've got hockey talk for you every night leading up to the big night on Friday. We hope you can all find time to join us!