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Rangers Analysis: A look at the Tortorella Brooks battle

After watching yesterday's blow-up between John Tortorella and Larry Brooks I was hesitant to post anything about it on the site. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that we are a Rangers blog and this little incident can be construed as news, thus it was on me to talk about it.

To be honest I am not going to dwell too much on it, the incident between the two was provoked by past incidents. The famous blow-up between the two happened while Tortorella was coaching his Lightning to a Stanley Cup championship. Here is the clip in case you don't know what I am talking about.


From their the two never really settled their differences and they have been on thin ice with each other every since, but there were no real explosions. Until last night that is. Last night Tortorella and Brooks got into another heated exchange. Here is the clip in case you missed it.

Now after seeing what Tortorella had to say I did a little research. The story that Tortorella was upset about was this little gem here where Brooks--who really can't seem to get over Wade Redden being on this team (it's about time you get used to it Brooks)--goes after Redden. This is the sarcastic comment (it's in bold) in case you don't feel like reading the story, that Torts was talking about:

It can't work, not with the 30-year-old Lecavalier under contract through 2019-2020 at an annual cap hit of $7.727 million. It can't work even if the arithmetic does, even if Tampa Bay's cash-poor ownership would be willing to accept Wade "Golden Gloves" Redden as part of the package in return that most surely would have to include Michael Del Zotto or Marc Staal and Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan, and perhaps Derek Stepan.

Apparently Tortorella was upset that Brooks ripped on Redden after he did something right. You can hear in the altercation that Tortorella tells Brooks to "write something sarcastic, like you always do." Brooks only responded with "what it was funny."

I am on Tortorella's side on this, to a degree. Good for Tortorella for sticking up for his players in the face of the press. Don't think that Redden doesn't hear it, and as we ave said before: it's not his fault he signed the contract. People--especially Redden haters--need to realize that Glen Sather offered him the contract and Redden took it, anyone else would have. You would assume that Brooks--who is a Redden and Sather hater--would realize that as well. Plus Redden's play has been solid, which is all we can ask for at this point.

Where I don't agree with Tortorella is the public attack on Brooks. If the two want to go at it in private then be my guest (and honestly they should, it would probably make things better between the two). But to get into an altercation like that, in front of the cameras and the press is embarrassing for every part involved; including the New York Rangers. Shame on both of them.

Your thoughts on this?