Rangers should target Garnet Exelby

Reports surfaced today that TOR GM Brian Burke has given Garnet Exelby's agent permission to find a suitable trade.

Here's a cheap (as compared to so many other solutions) tough defenseman that might not be a bad fortifier for the blue line woes.

As seen in this YouTube video, Marian Gaborik probably wouldn't have to worry too much about Dan "So easy a Cave Man can do it" Carcillo if Exelby were patrolling the blue line.

What do you think Burke would want for Exelby? What would you be willing to part with??

It's important to note that they need to clear some serious cap space - so you can't send either of the R+R sisters up north. Given their cap situation, I'd bet this could get done for Sanguinetti and a 2nd round pick, or something like that.....