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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight with John Ogrodnick and Devin DiDiomete from the Hartford Wolfpack

Tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio, we kick off 2010 in fine style. Our first guest will be former Ranger John Ogrodnick. John spent five seasons on Broadway, and scored over 400 goals in his NHL career.

Later in the show, we will be joined by Mitch Beck from with his Wolfpack report, and Mitch is bringing along Devin DiDiomete from the Wolfpack. Devin is an agitating Left Winger, and it should be fun to talk to him.

The Juniors are on tonight, so the best thing to do is to watch the game with the sound down, and listen to the show, see you tonight!

As always you can click the link above, and join the fun in the chat room, or listen on the player below: