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Blueshirt Banter Radio Rangers Rockin' Eve Tonight at 8 PM!


Well you have heard all the predictions from the so called "experts" online and in the papers,as well as all the vanilla talking baldies on MSG towing the corporate line predicting that all three teams the MSG network features will be making the playoffs.

They even scared Butch Goring so much that he had to stick to his prediction of the Islanders making the playoffs.

The reason I bring all this MSG tomfoolery up, is that most of you know there is a healthy and honest media alternative called Blueshirt Banter Radio available to you, the diehard Ranger fan.

Our show is the perfect antidote to successfully counter the happy shiny people prattle that MSG programming barrages us with at every turn.

Blueshirt Banter Radio is the one true voice of the New York Ranger fan, a place where you can talk plainly, uncensored and frankly as long as you want and most importantly have fun.

Tonight we celebrate the eve of the Rangers first regular season game by devoting a whole two hour internet program to Ranger team and player predictions by the most important and informed peeps in all sports: The New York Ranger Fan.

A special Friday night edition of Blueshirt Banter Radio tonight to preview the upcoming season for our New York Rangers. We'll take a look at the roster, talk about who made it and who didn't, and give our thoughts as to what lies ahead for the Blueshirts in the 2010-11 season.


Remember, Blueshirt Banter Radio is the only place to call in and talk Ranger hockey on a regular basis. This show is all about you the fan, and we want to hear your thoughts on the brand new season that starts tomorrow up in Buffalo.

The chat room is sure to be buzzing, so make sure you register with Blog Talk Radio and chat with the rest of the wacky diehard Ranger fans who come out every week to support the show.