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Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight At 8 PM !

Blueshirt Banter Radio the one true voice of New York Ranger fan, once again takes to the internet air waves with hosts JIm and Eddie discussing what are on Ranger fans minds.

The show will be a little different as Jim will be calling in from the road as he is doing his best Jack Kerouack imitation.


Here's a sample on what you probably be hearing here on tonights show :

How come the "Handsome Swede" couldn't stop a weak shot by a 42 year old Mark Recchi ?

Did Sam and Joe really stick up for Colin Campbell and his controversial emails by saying he was just joking around ?

The new Heritage Jerseys Yay or Nay ?

Blueshirt Banter Radio starts at 8 PM and features a super fantastic and awesome chat room that coincides with the live streaming of the show.

Ranger fans can even participate by calling in with your own uncensored comments at (646) 478-4692

Hope to see you there !